#MTAonTheHill Live Tonight on Facebook

February 27, 2019

For this month's Live Report we'll be coming to you from Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. where we are spending the week in back-to-back advocacy meetings for the #WeThePeopleAmendment which was re-introduced Monday in the House of Representatives!

We'll let you know how the week has been and answer your questions about what happens next to keep the momentum up! JOIN US!

We the People Amendment Introduced in House Today!

February 25, 2019

Rep. Pramila Jayapal and House Members Respond to Hundreds of Local Resolutions Calling for “We the People” Amendment!

“Our the Constitution says ‘We the People,’ not ‘We the Corporations,’ stated Representative Jayapal. “When I first ran for Congress I took Move to Amend’s Pledge because I believe corporations exist to serve the public welfare, not for the public to serve them. That same year, Move to Amend won a ballot initiative in my home state of Washington — now they’ve passed resolutions in over 700 communities across the United States. It is time for Congress to catch up. We are supposed to be the People’s House and we need to start acting like it. Big corporate money has been working against the interests of Americans for far too long. We have to restore the voice of the people in our democracy, and that starts with passing the We the People Amendment.”

Foxconn Admits It's Not Building a Factory in Wisconsin Anymore Despite Scoring $4 Billion Deal From Taxpayers

January 30, 2019

Foxconn, one of the largest electronics manufacturing companies in the world, received $4 billion worth of subsidies and infrastructure spending from the state of Wisconsin to build a new factory there. But the plan for that factory seems to be unraveling by the day.