We the People vs Corporate Rule: It's Up to Us!

Anyone anywhere can watch the May 2023 program on “Glen’s Parallax Perspectives” TV series – and/or read the thorough summary Move to Amend supporter Glen Anderson typed up about what we said during the TV interview.

We the People vs Corporate Rule: It's Up to Us!


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14th Amendment interpretation

It’s rare that any Constitutional Amendment receives “15 minutes of fame” in the news other than the First and Second Amendments.

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What we’ve accomplished…because of you!

Together, we have achieved remarkable progress, but our journey is far from over!

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Help stop corporations from preempting local democracy

Question: What do the following realities have in common: raising the minimum wage, protecting worker safety, controlling money in politics, preventing fracking, regulating guns, providing paid leave, providing municipal broadband, outlawing loan sharking, rent controls, increasing business taxes, and even banning the use of plastic bags?'

The answer is, of course, preemption – the overturning of local laws by either a state legislature or federal court. Local laws intended to protect the health, safety and welfare of local residents and communities – whether enacted by local elected officials or citizen-driven ballot initiatives – are invalidated. 

Hundreds of these and other laws across the country are being challenged across the country. 

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It's past time to Move the Senate to Amend!

It's past time to Move the Senate to Amend!

We need strong senators, and we have long-time supporters in the running!

Representatives Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee and Katie Porter from California districts are running to succeed Dianne Feinstein who will be retiring from the Senate.

All three have been co-sponsors of the We the People Amendment!

This gives us a great opportunity to work on getting the We the People Amendment introduced in the Senate, and we need your help.  

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May 4 - Guns & Gavels: Kent State, Haymarket Massacre & Corporate Rule

Violence comes in many forms: gunfire for sure, but also striking gavels. 

Thirteen unarmed students were shot, four killed, by the Ohio National Guard at Kent State University on this day in 1970 during a peace rally opposing U.S. expansion of the Vietnam war into Cambodia. It marked the first time students were gunned down at an anti-war event in U.S. history. The massacre sparked organized walkout strikes by roughly 4 million students at colleges, universities and high schools across the nation that had been called on May 1. It resulted in an upsurge in public opposition to the Vietnam war. 

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May Day commemoration

May Day commemoration: Railroad union reps on holding Norfolk Southern accountable for E. Palestine disaster

Move to Amend is pleased to announce that the recording of the May Day commemoration event is now available for viewing. The event featured railroad union representatives discussing the efforts to hold Norfolk Southern accountable for the East Palestine disaster.

Earth Day 2023

Earth Day is a great occasion to reflect and center our work on the ways that corporate rule has put our planet and lives at risk.

From gas pipeline spills to the plastic epidemic... to rising global temperatures leading to more intense and dangerous weather patterns: corporate greed has been at the forefront of many decisions that ultimately harm our world.

Here are some things we can do to combat corporate greed on Earth Day (and every day)

Break The Chains - Button by RLM Arts

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We are hiring a new Fundraising Coordinator!

The Move to Amend Coalition is a grassroots campaign to amend the Constitution to state that artificial entities such as corporations, unions, and non-profits do not have inherent rights under the Constitution, and that money is not free speech so campaign spending can be regulated. MTA focuses on movement building and community organizing, emphasizing leadership from communities most impacted by corporate power such as people of color, low-income people, women, LGBTQIA+ people and youth.

MTA is structured to empower grassroots community leaders through affiliate groups that organize locally for the amendment campaign. The coalition’s “We the People Amendment” was introduced in Congress in February 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2021 and soon 2023. Representative Pramila Jayapal will introduce the We the People Amendment into the 118th Congress.

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#StopCopCity: How Dark Money Funds Police Violence

You may have heard about Atlanta’s “Cop City”, a massive police training ground slated to be leased to the APF (Atlanta Police Foundation) on a huge swath of the Atlanta forest – a critical greenspace known as one of the “lungs of Atlanta.” A massive coalition of organizations, community leaders, activists, clergy and local residents have been protesting the creation of this urban warfare center since 2021. If so many people are against its creation, why was the lease signed over?

Image credit: https://stopcop.city/what-is-cop-city/



The fight against Cop City is now entering its third year. The idea was first introduced in January of 2021, as a proposal for the creation of an advisory council that would “explore” the idea of a state-of-the-art police urban warfare training ground. The proposal immediately drew fierce opposition from a large and diverse coalition that included environmental justice organizations, the Mvskoke Creek Nation, clergy, abolitionists, local neighborhood associations, and more – because the fight against Cop City is at the intersection of so many fronts of struggle: racism, police militarization, colonialism, gentrification, and reckless environmental destruction in the face of impending climate collapse.

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