How Different Our Work Would Be in a Democracy

Part of the Veterans For Peace 2023 Online Convention
Presenters: Mike Ferner (Veterans for Peace), Greg Coleridge (Move to Amend)

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VFP members, like so many others in the struggle for peace and justice, are always on the defensive because corporations wield governing power and we are always reacting to them -- fighting another specific weapons system, another invasion, another human rights violation. VFP can be a leader in showing how we can do that work, while also overthrowing corporate rule so we are "running the show" and not the other way around.


Why We Protested at the ​​U.S. Chamber of Commerce

There were two main reasons why Move to Amend held a vigil and rally at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce during our recent trip to Washington, DC to lobby for HJR54, the We the People Amendment

The two reasons were to highlight what the Chamber represents and what the Chamber does. 

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End the Paralyses!

In the midst of political uncertainty and turmoil, our government has come to a standstill. The halls of the U.S. Capitol echo with silence, and it's not because of an unforeseen crisis, but rather a leadership crisis.

As we write to you today, there is no House Speaker to guide our legislative branch. This absence of leadership is a wake-up call, an urgent reminder that it's time for We the People to step up and demand the action we deserve.

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Unmasking the Corporate Horrors

On this eerie October Friday the 13th, as the world prepares for spooky tales and haunted happenings, let's not forget about a real horror that haunts our democracy every day: the insidious grip of Corporate Rule and their ill-gotten Corporate Constitutional Rights.

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October 2023 Newsletter

October Newsletter

1. Making Waves in D.C.!

2. Announcements

3. Affiliate Spotlight!

4. Community Calendar

5. Support the movement!

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Shutdown of Government Averted, of Democracy Continues

While the public, investors and many leaders abroad exhaled in relief when Congress agreed to a 45-day temporary spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, the shutdown of real democracy in our country endures.

Representative democracy decreasingly represents the public, particularly for people of color, women and other groups who have never possessed equal rights. 

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EFF NYC recap

We are thrilled to share a recap of our recent national team trip to New York City, which was filled with impactful events and inspiring moments.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to our Brooklyn affiliate group and their exceptional leader, Irene Lore, for their warm hospitality and outstanding leadership during our stay.

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Recap of DC events


We're excited to share some incredible news with you: Move to Amend's national co-directors are currently in Washington, D.C., and we need your support now more than ever to pass the We the People Amendment, (H.J.R. 54).

Our first event, held in front of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, was a resounding success!

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The 3 C's in D.C.

The National Move to Amend Coalition and Get Money Out Maryland is thrilled to extend an invitation to you for a series of inspiring and impactful events in the heart of our nation's capital. We are rallying together to expose and challenge the expanding power of corporations and the influence of big money in our political system.

Mark your calendars for September 19th and 20th, because something extraordinary is happening in Washington, DC.


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