Nearly every member of the congressional progressive caucus still takes corporate pac money

October 14, 2018

“If we are going to end the influence of corporations and special interests in government, we have to start by not relying on their support,” said caucus co-chair Mark Pocan, D-Wis. “Only by being fully independent of their financial influence can we prioritize people over corporations.”

The development was largely ignored by the press, but for those who heard about it, the move raised an immediate question: Wait, the Congressional Progressive Caucus was taking corporate money?

California enacts strongest net neutrality protections in the nation — and the Trump administration sues

September 30, 2018

Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday restored net neutrality rules in California that were repealed under the Trump administration, setting up a legal battle with the federal government over whether states can prevent companies from blocking access to the internet.

Contractors get $750 per child per day to detain migrants. Something’s wrong here.

September 24, 2018

So the longer a child is detained, the more profit the contractor makes. It would be unsurprising to find that the “processing” employees, such as Monica Vega, are working under pressure from their management to stretch out detentions in the interest of corporate profits.

This should be stopped. The company that profits from these detentions should not be in charge of determining releases.