Feminism vs Corporate Rule

Did you know that the Supreme Court deemed corporations as people with Constitutional rights fifty years before women achieved the right to vote? That fact gives a whole new meaning to this sentence: The US Constitution is a property rights document.

Today, March 8, is International Women's Day -- an observance established in 1911 with deep roots in the Women's Suffrage Movement. It is an expression of how hard women all over the world have had to fight to secure the same legal status, rights, and opportunities as men. It's also a reminder of the immense work is left to be done to elevate human rights over corporate privilege. Help us grow the movement to continue that work by sharing the Motion to Amend petition on your social media, or a group text/email to your friends and family!

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Hale v. Henkel

Hale v. Henkel, probably one of the most cited cases (over 1,600 times), was decided by the United States Supreme Court on this day, in 1906.

...116 years later, Hale v Henkel keeps granting Corporations an ill-gotten right to privacy. 

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What the Dred Scott Case Teaches Us

On this day 166 years ago, the Supreme Court handed down one of their most infamous decisions -- Dred Scott v. Sandford -- in which they ruled that the Constitution was not meant to include citizenship for people of African descent (whether enslaved or free).

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War is (still) a Racket

Corporate power, big money and the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Move to Amend condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There must be an immediate ceasefire, withdrawal of troops, humanitarian aid and diplomacy.

There are many reasons for Russia’s invasion. Some concern politics, history, culture, and territory - including preventing NATO expansion. Not often mentioned, however, is that this small country has 5% of the earth’s natural and mineral resources, including coal, oil, natural gas (2nd most in Europe), lithium (for batteries), iron ore (for industry), titanium (20% of proven world reserves, for aerospace) and gallium (2nd most in world, for electronics). Ukraine is also incredibly rich agriculturally – 1st in Europe in arable land and 25% of the world’s volume of black soil - capable of meeting the food needs of 600 million people. 

This is more than a political war. It’s a resource war. 

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12th Anniversary of Citizens United: Hear from Rep. Pramila Jayapal and speakers on "Where do we go from here?"

On January 20th, the eve of the Citizens United Anniversary, Move to Amend Coalition Partners and the office of Representative Pramila Jayapal, Lead Congressional Sponsor for the #WethePeopleAmendment, will speak to the importance of going beyond overturning Citizens United, a symptom of the root problem, to abolish ALL corporate Constitutional Rights and money as political speech.

The event will feature a panel discussion: "Where Do We Go From Here? Movement Building within a Context of System Collapse." 

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A Message from Dr. Daniel Lee, MTA Board member and Culver City, CA Mayor

Click the video to hear a message from Dr. Daniel Lee, Move to Amend Board member, Community Organizer, and Culver City, California Mayor.

A Message from Madeleine Pelli, Move to Amend Advocate from Savannah, GA.

Hear from Madeleine Pelli, an advocate from Savannah, GA, on why she organizes in her community on behalf of the #WethePeopleAmendment.

Rage Against Corporate Rule - A Song from the Raging Grannies

What has us enraged?! Corporations have more Constitutional Rights than We the People and they use their money as a form of Free speech to influence our elections.

Who are we? We are South Florida Raging Grannies and we Move to Amend because the #WethePeopleAmendment is the only solution to systemically fight corporate rule and overturn Citizens United by abolishing ALL corporate constitutional rights and money defined as political speech.

Move to Amend (c) 2013 Original Lyrics by Vicki Ryder for the Raging Grannies 

South Florida Raging Grannies rage against corporate rule & big money in politics! Click the video below to watch.

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DC Report

Keyan Bliss, Grassroots Director for Move to Amend, just returned from Washington D.C. after meeting with numerous members of Congress on behalf of H.J.Res.48 the #WethePeopleAmendment.

The #WethePeopleAmendment continues to make tremendous progress in the 117th Congress!

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Send a letter to the editor on COP26 and the We the People Amendment

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