Planned Giving

Making a Bequest Donation to Support the Movement to Amend

Move to Amend and our 501c3 partner, Democracy Unlimited are deeply grateful to those friends who, through their will or living trust, make a gift to support amending the Constitution for the benefit of future generations.

Bequests are a flexible way to support the democracy movement while maintaining control of your assets. Because bequests are revocable you can make changes to the provisions in your will or trust any time in the future.

Move to Amend and Democracy Unlimited

Bequests to Move to Amend can fund national and regional lobbying activities. This support is particularly valuable because lobbying at the state and federal level is a critical step in passing a Constitutional amendment.

Move to Amend: Since lobbying is not a charitable activity, bequests to Move to Amend are not tax-deductible for estate tax purposes. Yet with proper estate planning it may be possible to make a significant bequest to support the organization's legislative work and avoid estate taxation.

Bequests can be made directly to Move to Amend. Recent changes in the U.S. tax code raised the amount exempt from estate taxes; for 2013, estates with a total value of less than $5,250,000 are free from federal taxation but may be subject to state taxes. Your tax accountant or financial planner should advise you about your specific situation. Sample bequest language for Move to Amend is below.

Democracy Unlimited: Bequests for Democracy Unlimited are charitable and therefore tax-deductible. Because bequests to Democracy Unlimited are generally exempt from federal or state inheritance taxes, and subject to an unlimited deduction, you may find that a commitment through your will -- combined with an outright pledge or a life income gift -- results in a much larger donation than you might have thought. Sample bequest language for the Move to Amend Education Fund through Democracy Unlimited is below.

If your estate will not be subject to estate taxes, in most instances your bequest can be planned for Move to Amend without adverse tax consequences. In the event you believe your estate may exceed the estate tax shelter at the time of your death, you may wish to plan your bequest for Democracy Unlimited so that your estate can claim a charitable deduction.

An additional alternative is to plan a bequest to Move to Amend free of tax with any remaining amount from your bequest then passing to Democracy Unlimited. 

Please contact us and consult your attorney or tax advisor for assistance in establishing a legacy that will reflect your commitment to amending the Constitution.

Types of Bequests to Consider:

General bequest: Most donors plan a bequest in the form of a general-use gift. A general bequest can be a dollar amount or percentage of your estate. This general support is most helpful to us because it allows us to direct funds to our day-to-day campaign activities.

Specific bequest: You designate a specific dollar amount or specific asset (e.g., stocks, bonds, real estate, mutual fund shares, etc.) to Move to Amend.

Residuary bequest: You designate all or a portion of your estate's residue (what is left after payment of taxes, debts, settlement costs have been satisfied) to Move to Amend.

Contingent bequest: Can be a general, specific or residuary bequest that designates a contingent beneficiary if the primary beneficiary predeceases you.

What If I Have Already Written My Will or Trust?

If you have already made out your will and wish to amend it to include the Move to Amend or Democracy Unlimited you can consider using codicil language to make your desired changes. Your attorney can prepare a codicil which adds a new bequest while reaffirming the other terms of your will. If you have created a revocable trust you can make changes through an amendment.

Already Planning a Bequest?

If you are planning a bequest, you may wish to consider the financial benefits of a life income trust. Many people have realized significant advantages by using a major portion of a planned bequest for the establishment of such a trust.

Your bequest should be carefully planned to provide the maximum benefits for both your family and our work to amend the Constitution. We are happy to provide you with tailored bequest language to ensure your gift is directed per your wishes.

If you have made a provision in your estate plans for Move to Amend or Democracy Unlimited, we thank you for your generosity. Please let us know so that we may express our gratitude and recognize you.

Please consult with your attorney or accountant regarding the tax ramifications of your bequest.

Sample Bequest Language

Move to Amend

(Not Deductible for Estate Tax Purposes)

Tax ID 48-4306740


I give ____________________ to Move to Amend, a California nonprofit corporation, currently located at 1400 Burnett Way, Sacramento, CA 95818, (Mail to PO Box 188617, Sacramento, CA 95818. Attention: Gift Planning Program), to be used by Move to Amend to pass the We the People Amendment to the Constitution and to protect democracy.

Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County

(Deductible for Estate Tax Purposes)

Tax ID 68-0394751

ESTABLISHED March 19, 2008

I give ____________________ to Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County, a California nonprofit corporation, currently located at 1400 Burnett Way, Sacramento, CA 95818, (Mail to PO Box 188617, Sacramento, CA 95818. Attention: Gift Planning Program), to be used for the Move to Amend Education Fund to educate about the need to end corporate personhood to protect democracy.

Maximum to Move to Amend Without Estate Tax

I give ____________ to Move to Amend, a California nonprofit corporation, currently located at 1404 Burnett Way, Sacramento, CA 95818, (Mail to PO Box 188617, Sacramento, CA 95818. Attention: Gift Planning Program), so long as it can pass free of U.S. estate tax by reason of the unified credit and state death tax credit (to the extent use of the latter credit does not hereby cause the incurrence of, or require and increase in state death taxes) and after taking account of property disposed of by other paragraphs of this will and property passing outside this will which is includable in my gross estate and does not qualify for the charitable deduction. The amount of this bequest shall be reduced by the amount of expenses of administration which could be deductible for estate tax purposes but which instead are claimed as income tax deductions. This bequest shall be used at such times and for such unrestricted purposes as the Move to Amend in its discretion shall determine.

In the event my intended gift exceeds the federal unified credit for estates, then that portion of the gift which exceeds the credit shall go to Democracy Unlimited, a California nonprofit corporation currently located at 1400 Burnett Way, Sacramento, CA 95818.

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