Timeline of Personhood Rights

The Timeline of Personhood Rights was developed by Jan Edwards for the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom. Jan led the effort to pass the first ever resolution to end corporate personhood in her town of Point Arena, CA in 2000. 
This timeline is a great education tool to explain how corporations have used the legal system to gain constitutional "personhood rights" through court decisions and how people have organized to gain constitutional rights through amendments (with a few exceptions).


There are three pdf files which correspond to three print sizes. The content information is the same on them all.
  • 24-inch timeline (click link to download PDF): designed to use the 24-inch roll of paper on a wide format machine. It should print out to be 24" x 130" (2 ft. x 11 ft.) 
  • 36-inch timeline (click link to download PDF): uses the 36-inch roll of paper on a wide format machine. It prints out to 36" x 200" (3 ft x 17 ft.) (approximate size of original version) 
  • HmPrint pdf (click link to download PDF): prints out on a home printer on 8 letter size pages set at landscape. The pages can be taped together to make a small timeline which is 8.5" x 88" (8.5 inches X 7 1/2 ft.)
  • Handout (click link to download PDF): the timeline is also available as a handout (still needs to be updated to include most recent cases). This document contains a longer explanation and notes to help presenters. Handout begins on page 11.
Note from Jan (contains printer lingo that might help when you talk to your local print shop):
Dave at my local shop said that he converted the pdf to a tif on his machine to print. Other shops may have other processes so it may not work everywhere, but it has so far.
(He also said that Adobe illustrator said it was too large, but since he was converting pdf to tif it didn't matter.)
He has what is called in the trade a Kip brand "black and white wide format printer".
I was told that if you look for a shop that specializes in making blueprint copies for architects the prices are usually better and they will be sure to have the wide format machines.
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