National Caucuses

Labor Caucus

Organized labor is a key constituency who we want to understand and support the We the People Amendment. Labor is the only organized group that has consistently stood for worker's rights over corporate rights. While the We the People Amendment will also affect labor unions as well as for-profit corporations, the amendment passage is critical to help working families struggling to make ends meet.

The goal of Move to Amend's Labor Caucus is to support our volunteer organizers in their efforts to build relationships with organized labor and securing organized labor support of the We The People Amendment.

Ecology Network

MTA has organized specific caucuses of interested supporters focused on engaging with individuals and organizations representing specific constituencies (i.e. interfaith, labor, youth, and cultural workers). We agreed this year to establish in 2022 an Eco-Network to focus on the climate collapse, making the connections between ecological destructive policies and actions and corporate rule, and the need to match the scale of the solution (the We the People Amendment and other Constitutional Amendments) to the scale of the existential ecological crisis. 


Interfaith Caucus

We believe that people of faith and conscience have a distinct role to play in this endeavor to amend the United States Constitution as an expression of our convictions and we are joining hands to face down the inhumanity of corporate rule.

The purpose of the MTA Interfaith Caucus to work together at national, state, local, and faith community levels to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution affirming that only human beings, not corporations have constitutional rights and that money is not the equivalent of political speech. We are seeking to bring to our nation a democracy where all-natural people, regardless of race, gender, religion, economic condition, ethnic background, political persuasion, or sexual orientation can participate meaningfully in a just society.

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