Affiliate Spotlight - December 2023

We've said many times, 'We would be nothing without our affiliates, advocates, and supporters.' They do a lot of the heavy lifting, which is why we've been recognizing all they do for the movement each month.

Each month we will use this space to spotlight different Affiliates. Read about this month's Affiliate's remarkable efforts and accomplishments.  

Documentary in the Making: Patrick McKercher's Vision

Judith opens the spotlight with exciting news from Patrick McKercher, who has been diligently working on a documentary about Move to Amend (MTA). This ambitious project, in the works for over a year, explores the global impact of corporate personhood and how corporate power is being used to undermine our society. Patrick is delving into the works of Thom Hartmann, reviewing three of his books, and crafting a compelling narrative. Check out the documentary's main feature here and the prequel here.

In his pursuit, Patrick is exploring previous cosponsors, gaining recent endorsements from influential organizations like Public Citizen, and shedding light on corporate personhood's role in dismantling civilizations.

Affiliate Achievements: Advocacy Across the Nation

Our affiliates have been making waves in their local communities, advocating for the We the People Amendment and working tirelessly to garner support. Here are some highlights:

  • Brian Carr successfully published a letter in a local newspaper, amplifying the MTA message.
  • John Fiorettta is delving into Senate candidates and collaborating with the League of Women Voters.
  • Bill Wallace is exploring labor endorsements, recognizing the importance of grassroots support.
  • Kayla Young, a Political Science Major at San Jose State University, is mobilizing fellow students to form an official group, making significant strides toward educating their community.
  • Deb Hogshead, based in Miami Co, Ohio, is engaging with aides in two offices, persistently working to expand awareness.
  • Karen Grissom continues to contact legislators, while David Delk takes a public stand against wars in Portland.

Local Initiatives: Grassroots Power in Action

Affiliates are making a difference at the grassroots level, sparking change in their local communities. Here are two shining examples:

Tuscaloosa Move to Amend: Building Connections

The Tuscaloosa affiliate held a successful meeting on November 16, 2023, via Zoom. Despite a modest turnout at the Northport Farmers Market, they secured six new signatures, showcasing the power of persistence. The group plans to revisit the market in the spring and summer for more outreach. Kiki, the organizer, is exploring ways to improve communication with new members and researching local young democratic organizations for potential collaboration.

Montanans Move to Amend: Advocacy through Media and Public Awareness

Montanans Move to Amend has been actively engaging with local candidates, influencing the mayoral race in Missoula, MT. Their editorial, featured in the Missoulian and the statewide digital Daily Montanan, exposed the Missoula Organization of Realtors' attempt to influence the election through a secret survey and a substantial financial contribution. This advocacy played a crucial role in shaping the election outcome, highlighting the power of public awareness.

In Conclusion: Together We Amend

As we reflect on the remarkable achievements of our affiliates, advocates, and supporters, it's clear that Move to Amend's impact extends far and wide. From documentary filmmaking to local advocacy, our community is driving change at every level. As we continue our journey, let's celebrate these successes and draw inspiration from the dedication and passion that fuel our movement.

Stay tuned for more Affiliate Spotlights as we showcase the incredible work happening across the Move to Amend community. Together, we amend for a better future.