Can you leaflet & petition on Super Tuesday to end corporate rule?

You live in one of 16 places that will vote on March 5, “Super Tuesday, the day when the greatest number of states and territories hold their political election primaries or caucuses.

Please consider spending an hour or so at a polling location to hand out leaflets and collect signatures on the Move to Amend petition.

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HJR 54 Congressional Briefing

We have great news!

There's an upcoming Congressional Briefing and a new Co-sponsor!


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Banks Bank on War Profits

10 January 2024 | 

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There are many reasons why nation-states start or join wars. Controlling natural resources is certainly one of them.

Whatever the reasons, banking corporations and other financial institutions in the U.S., among many corporate sectors, profit enormously from wars – causing massive harm to people, communities, the planet, and self-described “democratic” political systems.

This equation may best describe the reality: Dollars = Debt + Destruction + Defense

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Will the Supreme Court disqualify a corporation from being a person?

The Supreme Court heard arguments last week whether Donald Trump should be disqualified under the 14th Amendment to be President.

At issue is whether Trump’s (in)actions on January 6, 2021, should prohibit him from becoming President again based on the text in Article 3 asserting that any officer of the United States who has previously taken an oath to uphold the Constitution should be disqualified if they “have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

While legal scholars disagree whether the 14th Amendment applies to Trump, can the same be said about whether any part of the 14th Amendment should disqualify a corporation from being a constitutional person? 

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Corporate Hypocrisy

As millions of Americans gather around their screens this weekend to watch the Super Bowl, we can't help but notice the glaring hypocrisy of corporate giants who spend exorbitant amounts on flashy TV ads while neglecting their responsibility to pay their employees a fair and livable wage.

This corporate greed is unacceptable, and it's time to take a stand against it. That's why Move to Amend is calling out this hypocrisy and urging you to join us in supporting HJR 54, the We the People Amendment, as a crucial step towards ending this cycle of injustice.

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February 2024 Newletter

Affiliate Spotlight - February 2024

In the vast landscape of grassroots activism, two Move to Amend affiliates stand out for their unique initiatives, each making waves in their own distinctive way. Welcome to this month's Affiliate Spotlight, where we dive into the creative endeavors of the Greater Dayton Move to Amend and the strategic movements of the Santa Clara County Move to Amend affiliates.


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Anniversary of the E. Palestine train disaster

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of the Norfolk Southern Corporation train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. Twenty railcars crashed carrying vinyl chloride and other hazardous material. A controlled burn was conducted by local officials to supposedly avoid an explosion. Toxic contaminants polluted the community and the surrounding area, include down-wind into Pennsylvania. As this recent article describes, "This story isn't over."

Since the E. Palestine derailment, accidents have increased for the top five freight railroad corporations. Yet, no Congressional legislation has passed to prevent similar disasters.

The story the corporate media hasn't adequately ever told, however, is what we shared last year following the disaster -- the lack of authentic democracy. It's retold below. 

Note: The We the People Amendment is HJR54 is the current 118th Session of Congress


East Palestine Train Derailment Caused and Worsened by Real Democracy Derailment

The Norfolk Southern Corporation train derailment and subsequent hazardous chemical release into the air, water and land in and beyond East Palestine, Ohio are the inevitable result of multiple anti-democratic realities in the U.S. Many are interconnected and are the same for the roughly 1000 train derailments per year, most recently in Michigan.

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A Very Unhappy Birthday: Money Ruled Free Speech

Forty-eight years ago today, the Supreme Court ruled in Buckley v. Valeo (1976) that restrictions on campaign spending were a violation of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

They really said that MONEY, which is PROPERTY, is the same as FREE SPEECH.

Most of us learned about the absurd Supreme Court doctrines of "money = speech" and "corporations are people" in 2010, when the Citizens United ruling came down.

But the Buckley v. Valeo (1976) case that set the "money = speech" precedent was not about corporations -- it was about one individual's belief that campaign finance laws were a violation of his first amendment rights to express himself.

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Help with our Inside and Outside strategies to end corporate rule

Fundamental social change has always involved a combined inside and outside approach – supporters inside governing institutions promoting and defending real change that’s initiated by organized people in grassroots movements. Advancements in women’s rights, civil rights, labor rights, and environmental protections are just a few of the movements throughout our nation’s history that have followed this blueprint.

This is exactly the strategy Move to Amend pursues in working to end corporate rule and the corruption of massive spending in political elections.

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