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Researching Corporate Rule / Corporate Constitutional Rights - An introduction to our work 


PRESS RELEASE - Oct 21, 2020Corporate Constitutional Rights Should Be Focus of Last Presidential Debate

PRESS RELEASE - Sept 30, 2020: Climate Crisis-Related Fires Fueled by Corporate Constitutional Rights


THE CASE AGAINST CORPORATE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS: How Corporate Constitutional Rights Harm You, Your Family, Your Community, Your Environment, and Your Democracy

Part I: Corporate constitutional rights have no legal basis and negatively affect your property rights, environmental protection, worker safety, and community health

Part II: Corporate constitutional rights allowing corporations “right” not to speak and commercial speech “rights” conceal important information from consumers and employees, and expose children to tobacco

Part III: How Corporate Rule Fueled the Climate Crisis

Corporate "Hijack" series

Corporate Hijacking of the 1st Amendment - [political “free speech”] 

Corporate Hijacking of the 1st Amendment - [excluding political free speech] 

Corporate Hijacking of the 4th Amendment 

Corporate Hijacking of the 5th Amendment 

Corporate Hijacking of the 14th Amendment 

Corporate Hijacking of the Contracts Clause 

Corporate Hijacking of the Commerce Clause 

The We the People Amendment: The Constitutional Amendment to Counter Political Corruption and the Corporate Hijacking of the Constitution - "white paper" provided to elected officials and organizational leaders when asking for co-sponsorship or endorsement

Myths of Harmful Unintended Consequences of Abolishing Corporate Personhood

We the People Amendment comparison series

Side-by-Side Comparison: Move to Amend's We The People Amendment, (HJR 48) and the Democracy for All Amendment (HJR 2)

Side-by-Side Comparison: Move to Amend's We The People Amendment, (HJR 48) and HJR 57, Rep. Adam Schiff’s Amendment

Comparing the For the People Act (HR1) to the We the People Amendment (HJR 48)

Do We Need a Constitutional Amendment Now that the Green New Deal Has Been Introduced?

Corporate Rule Transcends Citizens United - report published to mark the 10th Anniversary of Citizens United Supreme Court decision -- containing many of the above pieces

VIDEO: Committee member Jan Rein virtual presentation to Sacramento WILPF, June 2020

Corporate Constitutional Rights are Cancerous to Democracy (July 27, 2020 Common Dreams article by Judy Young and Kaitlin Sopoci-Belknap)


Move to Amend's Model Corporate Code Working Group 

Vision Statement

We seek to create model state and federal statutes, consistent with Move to Amend’s "We the People" Constitutional Amendment, that can replace existing corporate codes and related statutes.  Our goal is to redefine the relationship between artificial entities (e.g. corporations) and human society. We will draft model statutes that protect artificial entities from improper governmental overreach.  Concurrently, we will place public controls on the ability of those entities to influence our democratic institutions, public officials, elections, communities, and the constitutional rights of human beings.