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    Monday, March 09, 2020 at 12:00 AM

    DNC 2024 Planning Call

    Be Part of the DNC Planning Team!

    We are going to Chicago Aug 19-22. As we prepare for the 2024 Democratic National Convention, we at Move to Amend are eager to strategize and plan impactful actions that will amplify our mission and message. Your input and ideas are crucial to making our efforts successful, and we would love for you to join us in this process.

    We are hosting weekly brainstorming and planning Zoom calls every Tuesday until the DNC to discuss our actions and coordinate our efforts. This is an excellent opportunity for us to come together, share ideas, and ensure a powerful presence at this significant event.


    RSVP below for link to the weekly Zoom Calls:

    Day: Every Tuesday starting July 16-Aug 13
    Time: 1:00 PM PT / 4:00 PM ET


    • Introduction and Overview
    • Brainstorming Session for DNC 2024 Actions
    • Discussion of Strategies and Tactics
    • Coordination and Planning
    • Q&A and Next Steps

    See you this Tuesday!

    Monday, July 15, 2024 at 04:00 PM

    Poor People's Army March on the RNC

    With or Without Permit!

    This year, Move to Amend is marching with the Poor People’s Army in protest at the RNC and DNC! 


    MILWAUKEE, Wis. – On July 15 at 4 p.m., during the opening day of the Republican National Convention (RNC), the Poor People’s Army will be marching from King Park towards the Fiserv Forum. They are marching to raise awareness around issues that poor and homeless people are facing in this country, and plan to hold a mock “trial” to determine if the Republican Party is guilty of crimes against humanity. With the recent Grants Pass v. Johnson Supreme Court decision, the Poor People’s Army aims to center stories of people experiencing homelessness. August 3, the group will start marching 100 miles south to Chicago, where they will have similar events as the only permitted march on the Democratic National Convention. Thirty-plus organizations from across the country have endorsed the Poor People’s Army marches.

    The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (aka Poor People’s Army) applied for a special event permit in Milwaukee in October of 2023. They did not hear back from the city until the end of June, with an email saying “the Department of Public Works is not accepting applications for special events within an area” near the RNC. They provided a link to apply for “a parade permit and speakers platform registration form” that would have put them in a lottery to speak at a slot and place determined by the city. 

    “One of the last things we have as poor people in this country is our voice, and we won’t let them take that away from us,” said Cheri Honkala, the Poor People’s Army’s national spokesperson. “The city was trying to pen us in and tell us when and how we could speak out about the injustices occurring. That’s not what the First Amendment is about.”

    This year, the Poor People’s Army will not only protest the RNC and DNC, but will also join with local groups to hold their own “People’s 1st Convention” in Milwaukee on July 13 and 14. The goal is to provide voter education and alternative electoral choices to people that are fed up with the two-party system. Since 2000, the Poor People’s Army has been building unity of poor and working people with marches on opening day of RNC and DNC as an effort to build unity. 

    About Poor People’s Army:

    The Poor People’s Army is a nonviolent Army of poor and working people, led by poor people, fighting for our survival by any means necessary. For three decades, they have been “reclaiming the basic necessities of life” with free food distribution and housing takeovers of abandoned government-owned properties. They have a forthcoming book, Takeover! A Human Rights Approach to Housing. For more info, press updates, and graphics go to https://www.poorpeoplesarmy.org/ 

    Please let us know if you will be at either protest by RSVPing below for updates.


    The Click here to Sign Up with PPA ->

    Press Contacts: Leela de Paula, 413-270-2087 

    Cheri Honkala, 215-869-4753

    [email protected]

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    Our “Democracy” isn’t aging well

    There are growing problems about what we call our “Democratic Republic.” They go far beyond the concerns of a majority of voters over the mental and physical “fitness” of the aging Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

    Photo-illustration by Alex Cochran. Source: Getty.

    Our institutional “democracy” is increasingly deaf, blind, forgetful, confused and immobile. 

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  • Affiliate Spotlight - July 2024

    Affiliate Spotlight: Sandy Bolzenius, Miami County, and Santa Clara County Affiliates Lead the Charge for Change

    In a powerful display of grassroots activism, Move to Amend's dedicated leaders and volunteers have once again proven their unwavering commitment to ending corporate rule and advocating for a government that truly represents the people. This month, we shine our spotlight on two extraordinary efforts: Sandy Bolzenius' inspiring journey to Washington, DC, and the tireless advocacy of our Miami County, Ohio, team, and the determined efforts of our Santa Clara County, California, affiliates.

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  • We Need an Independence Day from SCOTUS

    “There are weeks where decades happen” might be the only way to describe this past week (though many would argue this feeling has been present for many months now). The Supreme Court has just concluded a whirlwind of devastating rulings, reminding us of their purpose: to ensure that corporations and the super wealthy will always have “more” Constitutional protections at the expense of the rights of individuals, communities and nature.

    Make no mistake: the Supreme Court is an illegitimate institution that has primarily functioned as an enemy of “We the People” across history.

    Move to Amend exists to correct some of the most egregious doctrines generated from the Supreme Court over our country’s short history, such as the dubious notion that “corporations are people, entitled to Constitutional rights” (Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad, 1886),  “money is free speech, protected by the First Amendment” (Buckley vs. Valeo, 1976), and their infamous love-child Citizens United vs. FEC, 2010  which made crystal clear that corporations have the “right” to flood unlimited amounts of money, without disclosure, into our already-corrupted political system.

    So it should be no surprise that in this past week, this (bought) Court has further legalized political bribery, handed regulatory power from federal agencies over to corporations, and granted total immunity to the president. All of this and more, while declaring open season for cities and counties to criminalize the rapidly-growing segment of the population who cannot afford skyrocketing housing costs and are forced to live outside with nowhere else to go. 

    - What Went Down -

    Bribery & the Appearance of Corruption
    In Snyder v. US, the unelected judges gutted an existing federal anti-corruption statute by ruling it is NOT bribery for a state official to receive gifts as a reward for a particular state action, as long as the gift is made after the action.

    Regulatory Power
    Overturned a 40-year old ruling known as the Chevron decision in Loper Bright Enterprises v. Raimondo, which facilitated federal oversight of environmental regulations, public health measures, worker and consumer protections, when laws were not clear. Now, the Court has effectively grabbed that power for itself — ruling that judges have the final say over such regulatory actions, regardless of their scientific qualifications or knowledge of the measure. This decision is expected to “shock” the court system with billions of dollars worth of legal challenges against all-manner of regulatory law that might limit environmental destruction, wage theft, unsafe working conditions, price-gouging, or other unhealthy practices that protect everyday people and our habitats– a massive win for corporate rule with far-reaching implications.

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  • We the People Wednesday: Make Your Voice Heard!

    Our time in Washington, DC has been both inspiring and impactful. We've engaged with key congressional offices, celebrated Juneteenth in Anacostia, and stood firm in our advocacy at the Supreme Court. Now, we need to take our efforts to the next level - but we need your support!

    Recap of our time in DC so far... 

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  • “We need to work together!” -- Takeaways from two national conferences

    Greg --

    The enthusiasm of the political science professor was legitimate. She’d never heard of Move to Amend, but after learning that we were educating and organizing to increase people power by abolishing “corporate personhood” and “money as free speech,” said loudly at the end of a session where she presented: “We need to work together!” 

    This pronouncement was a recurring takeaway experienced by Move to Amend Board Member Daniel Lee and Co-Director Greg Coleridge who attended the annual conference of  the Law & Society Association in Denver in early June. 

    The “we need to work together” theme arose in numerous contexts during the 4-day conference.

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