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    Welcome to our new website!

    It's been in the works for awhile -- and we are SUPER excited to announce that we have a BRAND NEW WEBSITE!

    This is an upgrade we've needed for awhile now. Our old website (which was cutting-edge back in 2012!), was out of date -- it is hard to read on a smartphone, and just "busy" compared to the new trend of simple, sparse and streamlined.

    But that's all changed now! Take a look around, let us know what you think! We are going to be real -- this was a necessary but *costly* upgrade for us. Please help us recoup the $7500 we've spent so far, because a user-friendly website is invaluable for organizing!

    It isn't easy keeping up with the big foundation-funded Joneses, when you are a *grassroots* organization. 

    Your donations go DIRECTLY to the work. Our small dollar donations have funded all of the political organizing labor and travel that has gone into getting 73(!) cosponsors for the #WeThePeopleAmendment (and a BIG thank you our 73rd, Rep. Katie Porter)!

    But as scrappy as we are, there are areas we simply can't skimp on. And a clean-looking and easy-to-navigate website was sorely needed. It wasn't in the budget, but we did it. Help us recover from this critical investment by making a generous donation to the Movement to Amend!

    We appreciate being able to be honest with you about all the things we need from our supporters so we can continue this important work. We'd sure rather talk about it with YOU than big funders!

    Thank you helping us keep up with the Joneses :)

    And let us know what you think of the new site!


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  • Congresswoman Jayapal: Time to Reverse ‘Citizens United’ and Corporate Constitutional Rights

    "The US Supreme Court decided Citizens United 10 years ago. I’m calling for the end to corporate constitutional rights and political money as free speech."

    By Rep. Pramila Jayapal, THE NATION

    This past fall, Amazon challenged the proudly progressive character of my home city, Seattle, pouring $1.5 million into its City Council elections.

    In doing so, Amazon placed not just a thumb but also a fistful of cash on the scales of our democracy. Thanks to immediate organizing on the ground and the speaking out of elected officials, the cynical and last-minute corporate spending on elections backfired: Nearly all of the Amazon-backed candidates lost their races.

    However, on this 10th anniversary of the US Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that catalyzed our current era of super PACs and corporate power, the clear danger posed by money in politics is real. Citizens United vastly expanded the rights of corporate entities and the super-wealthy to spend or invest their money to influence political elections and deepened the corrupting electoral influence of big money.

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  • National Day of Action on Ten Year Anniversary of Citizens United

    WASHINGTON, DC. Activists and grassroots organizers across the country mobilized for a national day of action to call on their representatives to take action against corporate power today marking ten years since the disastrous Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court decision, a case that opened the floodgates to money in politics and activated a new movement to eradicate corporate power.

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  • New Report: Corporate Rule Transcends Citizens United

    A Report on the Totality of Corporate Constitutional Rights Beyond First Amendment Political Free Speech

    The Citizens United v. FEC decision expanded corporate ability to influence the outcomes of a core element of our democratic republic: political elections. Contrary to the traditional narrative,  the corporate hijacking of democracy and dominance over people, communities and the environment began long before Citizens United. And also contrary to the traditional narrative, the corporate assault on Americans' rights extends far beyond their ability to influence elections. 

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  • We have a perfect vision for 2020--and a Senate Lead!

    Successful movements in history won because they knew a variety of tactics were necessary to force change. Move to Amend recognizes that we stand on the shoulders of giants as we work to deepen and diversify our tactics going into 2020.

    We have VERY exciting plans and we need your support to blow them out of the water -- make an end of year donation today to ensure we can accomplish all of our 2020 goals!

    Here's a rundown of some of the things we have cooking...

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