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    Thursday, April 25, 2024 at 07:00 PM

    FLORIDA: Statewide Coalition Monthly Meeting

    Corporations are not People and money is not speech! 

    Join us in Moving Florida to Amend. The Florida state coalition meets on the fourth Thursday of the month at 7 pm EST.

    Due to COVID -19, we are currently meeting through the Zoom Platform from 7:00-8:30 pm. EST. 

     For more information contact Jennie Spanos at [email protected].



    Tuesday, May 07, 2024 at 12:00 AM
    Starting in Maine, arriving in Washington DC

    Walk for Peace, Planet, Justice, and Democracy!

    In the tradition and spirit of the many wonderful long-distance walks for peace, Veterans For Peace has initiated a National Project to begin May 7, 2024, and walk from Maine to arrive in Washington, DC, in July. We’ll be walking for the wellbeing of all people, for peace and an end to the threat of nuclear war and all wars, and for an environment that supports all life. PeaceWalk 2024 will be open to all who love peace and want to walk for it. Folks can join the walk for as little or as long as they wish.

    This walk is dedicated to the memory of Daniel Ellsberg, the man who released the Pentagon Papers and exposed the lies that Americans were being told about the Vietnam War. Dan spent nearly every waking hour of the next five decades working for peace and trying to prevent nuclear war. Shortly before he died last year at age 92, he wrote, “The current risk of nuclear war, over Ukraine, is as great as the world has ever seen.” We need to heed his words. 

    Starting May 7, we’re walking
    from Maine to Washington, DC, for
    peace and planet, justice and democracy.

    Join us!

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    SCOTUS is coming for our blankets

    On Monday (April 22), the Supreme Court of the United States will hear the case of Johnson v. Grants Pass -- in which a lower court decided that it is cruel and unusual punishment to criminalize people for sleeping outside with blankets and pillows -- particularly when there is absolutely nowhere else for them to go. Now this decision could be overturned, rolling back years of related cases that granted some basic rights and protections for people living outside.

    This will be the most significant ruling in decades about the rights of homeless people in the United States -- as the housing crisis rises to unprecedented levels across the nation, against a backdrop of skyrocketing rents, erosion of already-weak tenant rights and protections, and a housing market that is increasingly owned and controlled by giant shadowy corporations -- often the very same corporations that spend untold millions fighting the very policies that would lower housing costs, create more public housing, protect renters, and keep people in their homes.

    What kind of court would allow fictional entities like corporations to have an "inalienable right" to harm individuals and communities and evade accountability -- while the actual real, living human beings it is allegedly meant to protect can be arrested or fined for simply existing, or using a blanket to stay warm?


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  • Railroaded: Derail Corporate Rule & Advance Real Democracy

    A Call to Take Public Action on May 10 in your Community

    May 10th is the anniversary of the Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company Supreme Court decision of 1886. The case first established under the 14th Amendment that corporations are considered “persons.” The 14th Amendment granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the U.S, included former enslaved human beings, and provided all citizens with “equal protection” and other rights under the law. It was not intended to apply to corporations.

    The Supreme Court granted corporations other constitutional rights since then, including the 4th Amendment search and seizure rights, 5th Amendment takings rights and 1st Amendment free speech rights to spend money corrupting politics. The 2010 Citizens United decision expanded corporate 1st Amendment free speech rights.

    It’s a common belief that the corporations first acquired corporate constitutional rights (“corporate personhood”) in the Citizen United decision. They did not. Corporate power to hijack democracy precedes Citizens United and corporate spending money in elections by nearly a century. 

    Armed with constitutional rights, corporations have “railroaded” people, communities and elected officials  – overturning democratically-passed laws ensuring safe food and products, protecting workers and workplaces, and ensuring a livable world – in ways that have nothing to do with Citizens United or corporate “free speech” rights. 

    Ending ALL corporate constitutional rights – not just overturning Citizens United and corporate “free speech” rights – is what makes Move to Amend unique. It is why we call for enactment of the We the People Amendment. And it is why May 10 is such a very important date.

    You are invited to organize a public action in your community on Friday, May 10  –  a vigil, rally, press conference, picket, or march – at a Congressional office, court building, corporate headquarters or other symbolic location

    • To educate the community on why ending corporate rule is so much more than simply reversing Citizens United and corporate money spent in elections
    • To advocate for passage of the We the People Amendment, HJR54
    • To organize people and allied organizations to make the direct link between furthering the issues and solutions they care about and abolishing “corporate personhood.”

    Contact us
    HERE to indicate your interest. We will contact you to offer assistance, including materials.

    Thanks for considering.

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  • "Only the little people pay taxes"

    We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.
           - Leona Helmsley, billionaire real estate tax dodger

                                                            Source: Ralph Nader images

    Happy Tax Day! Only kidding.

    The very rich and corporations try harder and are more effective in general in avoiding paying taxes than the rest of us. Here are a few numbers reflecting current tax priorities, legislative responses to promote tax fairness and economic and political equality, and how we, "the little people," can become more active in promoting tax fairness and beyond.

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  • Call Your Rep

    Is your Representative a We the People Champion? Find out and call them urging them to support the We the People Amendment! 

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  • Degrowth By Monetary Reform: Money For the People By the People! - video

    link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D___uoeIa2w

    People are drowning in debt and suffering from inadequate health care, rising inflation, and endless wars. We must degrow the destructive economic system that enriches a financial elite at the expense of people, planet and peace. The privatized money system is unstable and wreaks havoc as it grows exponentially. The Green Party's "Greening the Dollar" initiative outlines how to scrap the Fed for a Constitutional system that circulates permanent, stable, and debt-free sovereign public money. This will allow us to grow a caring economy that nurtures what we hold dear. Hear from:

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