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    Tax Day sucks, unless you're a corporation...

    Tomorrow is the deadline for filing 2020 taxes in the United States.

    And it's a great day to remember that individual taxpayers will be footing about 50% of the annual federal income, while corporations will only be contributing about 7% (despite so many making unprecedented profits during a year that was financially devastating to so many us). Help us grow the movement to topple corporate rule at its root by sharing the Move to Amend petition with your friends, family and social media today!

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  • 4th Amendment Act

    For decades, the U.S. government has been blatantly violating our Fourth Amendment rights by engaging in warrantless mass surveillance of our activities -- aided by corporations who have created an entire industry of mining and selling that data to them!

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  • April 2021 Live Report

    Oh, my… oh, my… April was packed with Corporate Rule News -- check out our monthly Live Report to hear all the most relevant Corporate Rule News we've been tracking!

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  • Workers May Day

    On this International Workers Day (AKA May Day), Move to Amend stands in solidarity with all workers of the world in the ongoing struggle against corporate rule.

    The #WeThePeopleAmendment is more important than ever to workers and the labor movement. Share the Move to Amend petition with your fellow workers today so we can grow the movement to end corporate constitutional rights once and for all!

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  • The Green New Deal Needs the #WeThePeopleAmendment

    Last week, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Ed Markey introduced into the 117th Congress a visionary piece of legislation known as the Green New Deal.

    The GND is a bold and comprehensive plan to transform our current economy -- based on fossil fuel extraction and exploitation -- into an economy of dignified jobs for all and clean energy!

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