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    Thursday, May 30, 2024 at 05:00 PM

    Manifesto for World Revolution: Read the book / Attend the May 30 program

    Move to Amend invites you to join others to read this new book and attend a virtual program on Thursday, May 30, sponsored by Move to Amend and A Radical Guide.

    Manifesto for World Revolution presents a compelling and radical (i.e. getting to the root!) list of ideas to achieve a fundamental, systemic, profound and sustainable future. One of them is revoking corporate charters – which Move to Amend has discussed since our founding!

    The book calls for a “non-violent grassroots insurgency — borderless, leaderless, beyond Left and Right — in a last ditch We-the-People stand.” It poignantly asks: Where do you want to go?”


    The book is published by the Adbusters collective, one of the strategists who sparked Occupy Wall Street.

    It's an extremely important and eye-catching work that challenges us to expand our current thinking and actions. 

    More on the book and how to order (at half price!) is HERE


    Additionally, Move to Amend and A Radical Guide is hosting this program

    It’s a “pivotal panel discussion that dives deep into the pressing themes of Adbusters’ latest book, a guide dedicated to unveiling the true cost of production and the necessity of dismantling corporate power for the creation of a just, sustainable future.”

    Program details, including speakers and ordering tickets, is at

    Read the book! Join us May 30 (5pm PT / 8pm ET) for the discussion!

    Onward for creating the world we all deserve,

    Daniel, Alfonso, Jennie, Tara, Shelly, George, Margaret, Michael, Jessica, Katie, Keyan, Jason, Cole, & Greg

    Move to Amend National Team

    Thursday, June 13, 2024 at 05:00 PM

    ONLINE: Ecology Network Call

    You are invited to join Ecology Network Call! RSVP below!A space focused on the relationship between corporate power and environmental catastrophe. We’re interested in gathering with folks who, like us, want an end to corporate destruction of the Earth for-profit and to create alternatives for a truly livable world. 

    Move to Amend has focused on ending the constitutional rights for corporations in the United States which are used to get away with; dangerous fracking and pipelines, spewing oil and toxic waste into the water, mountaintop removal, usurping community rights and violating treaties, and every other shameful action corporations take in the pursuit of maximum profit. 

    We have one perspective and hold one piece of the work, but the fight for the survival of animals and ecosystems will take many of us. The is a space where we invite folks who are fighting this fight to come and share with us, help strengthen the public education we do and uplift your work and connect with other threads of the movement.


    Second Thursday at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET

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  • What's New

    Michael on Capitol Hill

    Today, we're reaching out with an urgent appeal.

    We need your help to amplify our message and keep our Congressional momentum up. Here's why your action is crucial:

    We're rallying behind HJR 54, the We the People Amendment (now up to 84 co-sponsors), and Move to Amend National Team member Michael Tucker recently took on Capitol Hill to advocate for its passage. 

    Loaded with information packets, he met with key legislative staff and left materials for many others. His goal was clear: garner more support for HJR 54.

    Michael's efforts have already borne fruit. Some representatives showed strong interest, while others promised to review our materials. However, to build the political will needed to gain more co-sponsors, your continued pressure is vital. They need to hear from YOU.

    We need your voice, your passion, your unwavering commitment to our shared vision.

    Take Action Now! 📞


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  • May Day Recap

    This past weekend in Chicago was nothing short of transformative, and it’s all because of your unwavering support.

    We had an incredible series of events in Chicago with the Alliance for Just Money, and we’re on the brink of even greater change. But we can’t do it without you.

    The events began on Firday with delivery of a letter to the Chicago Federal Reserve calling for the financial industry end creating money out of thin air as debt. Corporate constitutional rights have armed banking corporations with the political power to privatize/corporatize money creation and distribution, which should be a public function that promotes economic justice. The financial industry is one of the largest in terms of money invested in political campaign contributions and lobbying to maintain the status quo.


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  • Let’s Wish Corporate Constitutional Rights a Very Unhappy Birthday

    "The actual “birth” of corporate constitutional rights, often referred to as “corporate personhood,” wasn’t Citizens United; it dates to May 10, 1886 in the Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company ruling."

    Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) and dozens of House Democrats introduced the We the People Amendment—which would reverse the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and end corporate personhood—on April 6, 2021. (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
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  • Mayday for Money for a Just Transition

    As we continue to move further into climate collapse and through other violent impacts of our pay-to-play system of government, it is imperative that we boldly connect the dots of corporate seizure of inalienable constitutional rights that are meant for human beings, to work and stand in allyship with individuals and organizations that have a vision and strategy for a transition to a just future. 

    Move to Amend has always focused on getting at the roots of problems, to end corporate personhood and build a vibrant democracy that values people over profits. Since its inception, we have grown into a coalition of hundreds of organizations and hundreds of thousands of individuals committed to social, environmental and economic justice and we have achieved that by thinking outside the realm of what we’ve been taught to believe is possible and exploring big questions as well as unsettling truths.

    Controlling money creation over generations has made giant (banking) corporations so strong they have succeeded in corrupting the courts into highjack our constitutional rights as if they were living, breathing, jailable human beings.

    You well know that corporations now spend all they want on politicians and media, shielded from public accountability.

    But it doesn’t have to be this way! That is why we are working to firmly establish that money is not speech, and that human beings, not corporations (including banks), are persons entitled to constitutional rights as proposed in the We the People Amendment (HJR 54).

    Our coalition partners, at Alliance for Just Money have issued a distress call for our predatory system of money, which is structurally incapable of serving our people and planet. 

    Corporate controlled media will not raise up the issues and solutions so organizing with people and allied organizations and raising our voices in public spaces is vital to make the direct link between furthering the issues and solutions we all care about and abolishing “corporate personhood”. This is how we are going to build a movement strong enough to address the magnitude of the problem.

    We invite you to join us in answering their Mayday for Money for a Just Transition March Call-to-Action in Chicago, May 18!  

    It's crucial that we take action in moments like this, Jennie. 

    Will you start a $5 monthly donation to help us raise up our visibility to keep the pressure on Congress to end corporate personhood and unlimited money in our elections?

    Yes, I'll chip in monthly.

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  • May 2024 Affiliate Spotlight

    Minnesota Move to Amend State Network

    This month, we shine a light on the incredible work being done by the Minnesota Move to Amend State Network. They have been making significant strides in promoting the We the People Amendment and engaging with various organizations and communities. Here's a summary of their recent achievements:

    1. Regular Meetings & Legislation Action: Minnesota Move to Amend holds regular bi-weekly legislation action meetings, as well as weekly “office hours” to focus on specific activities, like publicizing efforts to pass the "We the People" bills in the Minnesota legislature.

    2. Partnership & Representation: The team actively participates and represents Move to Amend in the Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers, NAACP Minneapolis, and MN350. They are also a partner organization in We Choose Us, with Andrew and Barbara attending monthly planning meetings and other activities.

    3. Community Outreach & Events: They organized a successful Zoom event with Lawrence Abbott on “Unions and the We the People Amendment,” and conducted a joint presentation at the Universal Unitarian church in Duluth with We Choose Us. In addition, they've held a month-long outreach effort to engage legislators and constituents to promote Minnesota amendment bills.

    3. Senior Caucus Day at the Capitol: At this event, Andrew and Darold made presentations, engaging with key legislators and solidifying support from the senior caucus.

    Minnesota Move to Amend's efforts are a testament to the impact that dedicated activism can have in promoting the We the People Amendment. Their work brings us one step closer to achieving real democracy.

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