Move to Amend Staff Team


Alfonso Saldaña, Co-Director

Alfonso Saldaña (he/him) is a Co-Director of Move to Amend. He began work with the Move to Amend National as an intern, soon joining the staff team as the Online Communications Coordinator. 

Alfonso is a former student from the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley where he earned a degree in English concentrating in creative writing with a minor in literature. In consequence of reading about the corrosive implications that come with wealth accumulation throughout the ages, Alfonso is now together with Move to Amend on a mission to get money out of politics and end corporate constitutional rights.

When not fighting evil conglomerates, he enjoys reading and writing horror and dystopian stories, taking long walks with his partner, and trying new vegan recipes.


Greg Coleridge, Co-Director

Greg Coleridge (he/him) is Co-Director of Move to Amend.  He previously worked for more than three decades with the American Friends Service Committee in Ohio where he educated, advocated and organized on a range of justice, peace, environmental and democracy issues -- including helping coordinate Move to Amend activities in the Buckeye state.

He is the author of The Depth of Change: Selected Writings and Remarks on Social Change (2022)Citizens over Corporations: A Brief History of Democracy in Ohio and Challenges to Freedom in the Future (2003), writer of the documentary CorpOrNation: The Story of Citizens and Corporations in Ohio (2003), and contributed several articles to the anthology Defying Corporations, Defining Democracy - A Book of History and Strategy (2001)He currently maintains and distributes via email a weekly REAL Democracy History Calendar and Monetary History Calendar.

Greg is a Board Member of the Alliance for Just Money (AFJM). He previously served an elected term on the national governing board of Common Cause and was a Principal with the Program on Corporations, Law & Democracy (POCLAD).

He loves camping, hiking, walking and swimming – especially with his wife, daughter and son-in-law -- and almost everything else outdoors!

Jennie Spanos, Co-Director

Jennie Spanos (she/her) is National Co-Director of Move to Amend. Her involvement with Move to Amend began almost a decade ago as a volunteer with Pensacola and Mendocino Affiliates.

As a journalist, she observed the immense stranglehold corporate power exerts over our government and communities. This experience shaped her perspective and fostered a deep passion and focus in her organizing work on environmental, social and economic justice issues leading her to collaborate with various intersectional grassroots movements building for a just and sustainable future. 

The power reaped from the insane notion of corporate constitutional rights exists in tandem with structural oppression, and environmental degradation and is found as a cause of so many injustices. Move to Amend and the #WeThePeopleAmendment strikes at the root of that reality, so she is honored to organize with the coalition.

She continues to live a fairly nomadic life and receives immense pleasure from spending time with her clan, creating and cultivating things, hiking and soaking in natural springs.



Shelly Williams, Co-Director

Shelly Williams (she/her) is a Co-Director of Move to Amend, and has been with the campaign since April of 2015. Growing up poor/working class, losing a parent to the Sackler family's greed and lies, and experiences in the carceral system formed the basis of her analysis around corporate rule, and understanding that the personal is political.

Later experiences as a social worker broadened her systemic analysis -- that is, she learned how truly broken the system was. That realization led to deeper study and analysis of class, race and gender and a desire to do work that did not only address the symptoms, but the root causes of the oppression and systemic collapse that we are witnessing before our eyes, every day.

She lives in unceded Miwok and Nisenan land (so-called Sacramento), and is the single parent of a very cool 7yo who loves to code and hopes to be a "hacker for good" one day. In her local work , she is involved in mutual aid and sweep defense/support for unhoused communities, and political organizing related to housing and homelessness issues. In her free time she enjoys video games, yoga and karaoke.


Dolores Guernica, Co-Director

  Dolores (they/them) is a legislative co-director with Move to Amend. They grew up in a middle class immigrant household in northern VA. They learned quickly about world politics through their father who has always been against corporate greed, the police state, and against US imperialism. Dolores is honored to carry on this family tradition towards liberation, as well as their cultural traditions of radical Catalunya and Cuba. They are passionate and have worked on policy against the climate crisis, towards free borders and land sovereignty, and queer worker liberation.

They live in the gulf south where they garden, play video games, DIY everything possible, and try to survive the plague with their dog.