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Why I support Move to Amend

Hi Friends! It's Keyan Bliss. Please join me in helping raise money for the grassroots movement to end corporate rule and get big money out of politics by setting up a monthly donation to Move to Amend on this page!

As the grassroots volunteer coordinator for Move to Amend’s national coalition, I give $28/month to support our work for the 28th Amendment. I’m calling on you to help us continue this work by making a donation today!

For the past eight years, Move to Amend has been working to get to the root problem at the core of a dangerous 2010 Supreme Court decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission by amending the US Constitution to unequivocally state that constitutional rights belong to human beings, not corporations, and that money is not equal to “free speech” so it can be regulated in our political campaigns and elections.

For me personally, I've chosen to work with Move to Amend for the past 6 years for two key reasons:

1.Move to Amend is the only organization that is framing the issues of "corporate constitutional rights" and "money equals speech" beyond the obvious political implications -- we consider this as a human rights issue that intersects with every struggle for justice and equality today.

2. Move to Amend is the only amendment organization that centralizes the dismantling of oppression within its coalition building and grassroots organizing strategy.

As long as corporations are considered “persons” with inalienable human rights, and their political spending is considered “protected speech,” they will be able to assert those rights better than any real human being or our communities through their concentration of wealth. And so together, our coalition supports the We The People Amendment (introduced in Congress January 2017 as House Joint Resolution 48). This is the only proposed amendment in Congress that gets to the foundations of corporate rule to make clear that constitutional rights belong to human beings, not corporations,

and get big money out of politics in the same amendment, leaving for no loopholes.

In the last year alone, Move to Amend has more than doubled our number of HJR 48 cosponsors in the US House of Representatives, and have made good headway at getting the We the People Amendment introduced to the US Senate. Over 450,000 people have signed our national petition supporting this amendment. We have over 500 organizational endorsements, and over 800 local resolutions have passed in cities, towns, and counties across the country calling for a 28th Amendment. We’ve been on the ballot over 300 times -- in liberal and conservative communities alike -- and we’ve won every single time usually in landslides over 60%, even 80%! We're also the only amendment organization that has any conservative political support, including a Republican co-sponsor and a Republican Party organizational endorsement.

There are a lot of worthy causes and movements to contribute your time and money to, but we can’t afford to lose sight of the systemic solutions like the We the People Amendment. And to be strong enough to dig deep to the root of the problem, we need a movement organization that can fund itself in a healthy, sustainable way -- independent from political and corporate influence. Please consider joining me as a monthly sustainer for the movement to amend the Constitution!

A sincere thank you for being part of our growing movement to achieve real democracy of, by, and for ALL people!

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Keyan Bliss

Keyan Bliss

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