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By Kenneth Boche

With continuing threats to our democracy, we must consider what Constitutional changes can help us live up to the Pledge of Allegiance which virtually all U.S. citizens have promised: “…liberty and justice for all.”

With the costs, plus the greed for power, that control our elections, individuals are discouraged from voting by gerrymandering, by restricted voting times, and by drop-off and mail-in ballot options. This discrimination does not align with “…liberty and justice for all.” 

During our country’s founding, “We the people” meant “living humans.” When the “robber barons” invented corporations to build railroads and other industries, those corporations had limited lifetimes. Now, corporations are chartered forever, so they are, obviously, not “real people.”

The first step toward more equitable constitutional changes is to pass the amendment that reaffirms “people” to mean living humans as our Founders intended. Included in that amendment is “Money is not free speech.” Our Founders reserved “free speech” for living individuals.

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