MEETs Tour Checklist

 Move to Amend has organized in-person "Barnstorming tours" since our inception to educate on the issues of corporate rule and money in politics, advocate for the enactment of the We the People Constitutional Amendment, and to organize local affiliate groups as part of a larger goal to work in coalition to create a powerful democracy movement. Since the pandemic, programs have been virtual. In 2022, we plan to organize MEETs in communities where we met with a small number of supporters in 2021 who expressed interest in becoming more locally active. 

Event Checklist

This is a list of things to think about in preparing a workshop for the MEETS to Amend tour.


___ Before publicity: make sure that the date and time do not conflict with related events.
___ General media: Newspapers, Radio, Cable, TV
___ Targeted media: Agency newsletters, Church bulletins, Schools, etc.
___ Word of mouth to friends and co-workers

___ Flyers, brochures
___ Emails to targeted populations

Room requirements and arrangements

___ Make sure that date and time do not conflict with other events at the facility
___ Reservation confirmed
___ Arrangement for key(s)
___ Adequate space
___ Right number of tables
___ Right number of chairs

___ Projector that can connect to an Apple computer
___ Projector screen
___ Adequate lighting
___ Temperature control and ventilation
___ Access to restrooms
___ Access to refrigeration (if necessary for food)
___ Access to Parking
___ Trash-cans
___ Coat racks

Information to Send Participants

___ Time
___ Address and directions to building and room
___ Parking facilities
___ What to bring (food? forms? notebook?)
___ What to wear
___ Smoking policy
___ What will be provided (coffee? juice? snacks?)
___ Agenda
___ Number to call if problems or questions
___ Facilities for those who are disabled?
___ Whether or not reservations/RSVP are required, and if so, by when

What to bring

___ Key(s)
___ Handouts (including extras)
___ Extra pencils/pens
___ Watch or Clock

___ Whiteboard / Chalkboard / Flip chart & easel
___ Markers and/or chalk
___ Nametags
___ Money, if change needs to be made
___ Arrow signs to point to room
___ Snack food and drink, and cups, napkins, etc.
___ Trash-bags, if needed
___ Roster of attendees if asking for RSVP in advance
___ A copy of this list so you can check off things as you put them away after the event is over.

Room Set-up

___ Registration table
___ Exhibit table(s)
___ Placement of chairs
___ Distribute handouts, name tags, pencils (or have ready at registration table.)

When it's over

___ Evaluations
___ Thank-yous
___ Check off materials as you put them in box
___ Return equipment
___ Take out trash
___ Turn off lights, etc.
___ Return key(s)
___ Pat yourself on the back!

Overnight Lodging

In most cases, our workshop presenters will need host housing. We would greatly appreciate it if you or a member of your group could provide a room for them. We are depending on your generosity and support to make this tour a success.

Here's what we are looking for at each location:

___ One room 
___ A shower and/or bathtub
___ Close to the location of the workshop (not required, but preferred)
___ Wireless internet (not required, but preferred)
___ A kitchen that is available for food preparation (not required, but preferred)
___ Available laundry facilities (not required, but preferred)
___ Driveway parking (not required, but preferred)

For more information or assistance contact us at (707) 269-0984 or [email protected](link sends e-mail).

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