4th of July Call to Action Ideas (April 2012)

4th of July Call to Action Ideas (April 2012)

Learn about Move to Amend's call to action for the 4th of July this year. Educate and mobilize your community to declare your independence from corporate rule and grow the movement.


  • Overview of July 4th actions
  • Why creativity is worth the extra effort
  • Ideas for creative actions
  • Questions to ask when planning an event
  • What to do after your event
  • Final notes
  • Questions

About MTA's Monthly Take Action Webinars

These online trainings are an opportunity for folks to connect with Move to Amend and learn about organizing tools and campaign opportunities, and to connect with other MTA community organizers across the country.

All are welcome - no past experience required!

Minimum Technology Requirements

  • High-speed internet connection with an upload speed of 450 Kbps (0.44 Mbps)
  • Flash Player 10.3 -- Click here to download
  • Presenters: Java installed and enabled -- Click here to download
  • Turn off Pop-Up Blockers or put www.anymeeting.com in your allowed list



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