The Prosecution of Judge Waite: Play

The Prosecution of Judge Waite: Play Script and Powerpoint

Historians Jim and Tomi Allison have long studied corporate personhood's checkered history. Jim's play, "The Prosecution of Judge Waite" brings their research on the background behind the Santa Clara decision to audiences in an entertaining dialogue with Judge Morrison Remick Waite, who presided over (and who now reconsiders) the decision that was reinterpreted as giving corporations the rights of human beings. 

  • You can download the play here.
  • The players act in front of a PowerPoint backdrop, which you can download here

Many thanks to Jim and Tomi, and to Marybeth Gardam of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom for developing the production and sharing it with other groups.

Prosecution of Judge Waite - performance by our Salem OR Move to Amend group in 2012:

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