I Miss Democracy Pageant

I Miss Democracy Pageant

Some items you will need:

  • An "I Miss Democracy" sash
  • Tiara
  • Evening gown or swimsuit
  • Convertible car or pickup truck if participating in a parade
  • Signs such as "Tired of Corporations Running Our Country?"

Hold an "I Miss Democracy Pageant"

Take this idea to the next level and hold an "I Miss Democracy Pageant" with "contestants" trying to impress corporate "judges"

  • Contestants can give a short speech about their (pro-corporate) interests:
    • "I love walks on private beaches"
    • "I think my most important asset is my intellectual property"
    • "I want to help disadvantaged corporations around the world"
  • Evening wear replaced by "corporate logo" attire portion
  • Talent portion replaced with pro-corporate song/dance
  • Question portion featuring corporate-themed questions
  • Winner receives an "I Miss Democracy" sash, tiara featuring large dollar signs, and a bouquet of dollar bills
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