Impeach Trump

If the Senate fails to convict Donald Trump for spreading falsehoods and inciting the deadly January 6th riots at the Capitol, we won't be surprised. 

We have unfortunately grown accustomed to them not doing their jobs.

But that doesn't change the fact that it is critical that they convict him. Tell your Senators to act swiftly to convict Donald Trump before he leaves office.

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You're the best ❤️

From the bottom of our hearts -- thank you so much.

We are blown away at how you all came through for us. After a year like 2020 -- which was terrifying on every level, not excluding the uncertainty that our 100% grassroots-funded organization could survive the economic downturn -- we are so excited to announce that you made sure we met our fundraising goal of $25,000 and then some!!!

Which means we are 100% READY to come out swinging in this new year, to advance the #WeThePeopleAmendment in a new Congress. 

WHAT'S NEXT: Join us for two trainings we are offering in January...

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Looking ahead to 2021 👀

We are ready to go because the fight is more important than it's ever been -- and the time is right. We recognize that this is a unique moment in history -- amid all of the confusion and suffering, movements are rising up everywhere, and coalescing around a larger set of demands for social, economic, and environmental justice. 2020 saw more people in the streets than at any other time in U.S. history. These are the moments where anything is possible, if we all rise up together. 

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End of Year Livestream 2020! (Watch Recording Here!)

Count down to the end of 2020 with Move to Amend!

Join us tomorrow -- Wednesday, December 30 at 1pm Pacific/4pm Eastern -- for a special livestream with Move to Amend grassroots volunteers, staff team and board members.

We will be streaming on all our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and we hope you'll tune in and join the conversation!

We'll share our successes from this part year, give some real talk about the challenges we have been struggling with, celebrate the wonderful and committed Move to Amend community (which definitely includes you, Kaitlin!) and talk about what we expect in the year ahead (to the extent that anything these days can be planned or expected!).

Those who donate during the livestream will be entered in a raffle to win a Move to Amend t-shirt or water bottle!

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Donate Now to Double Your Impact

Investing in Move to Amend is like a light in the wilderness -- a sure fire way to lift your spirits! 

Our POCLAD friends are worried we aren't going to make our goal for the end of the year so they have pledged to match all contributions to Move to Amend between now and December 31, up to $10,000.

Click here to double the amount of your contribution.

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Live Report December 2020

Check out the last Live Report of 2020! 

Get the #CorporateRule news that we're tracking, learn about what we've been working on, get the latest updates from our grassroots chapters across the country, and find out what's ahead in 2021! 

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Move to Amend is a coalition of hundreds of thousands of folks including you -- whose passion and commitment to democracy is unmeasurable.

Volunteer affiliate leaders, monthly sustainer members, single-time donors, advocates, and the national team, form this amazing constellation of people -- working tirelessly to end corporate rule through systemic change, regardless of the hurdles standing in our way. 

One of our immediate hurdles is to meet our end of the year fundraising goal of $25,000.

As a small nonprofit, we typically raise one-third of our annual budget during our year-end fundraising. This year especially, we have a lot of ground to cover to meet our fundraising needs. Please help us meet our End of Year goal of $25,000 so we can go into 2021 in the black.

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Toward a People's Constitution Project Launches Today!

On this anniversary of the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, we are VERY excited to announce that Toward a People's Constitution is officially a campaign!


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Our 2020 Accomplishments

What. A. Year.

While we never could have predicted the absolute wrench a global pandemic would throw into the mix of consolidating corporate rule over our basic human rights, we aren't surprised at all that things are at a tipping point -- socially, economically, and ecologically. We've always known this moment would arrive.

And these moments, as brutal and terrifying as they are, are also moments of opportunity to educate, agitate and organize toward the world we want and deserve.

And Move to Amend stayed on course, through temporary staff layoffs and general uncertainty as a purely grassroots-funded organization (the hardest hit in this crisis).

We are proud to announce our 2020 accomplishments that your support made possible -- from the national to the grassroots level!

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Call Your Senators - Urgent Relief Needed

Call the Congressional switchboard at 202-224-3121.
Find your Senators 

Message: Pass a bold stimulus bill NOW to address the immediate needs of people, but not corporations. 

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