Move to Amend is a coalition of hundreds of thousands of folks including you -- whose passion and commitment to democracy is unmeasurable.

Volunteer affiliate leaders, monthly sustainer members, single-time donors, advocates, and the national team, form this amazing constellation of people -- working tirelessly to end corporate rule through systemic change, regardless of the hurdles standing in our way. 

One of our immediate hurdles is to meet our end of the year fundraising goal of $25,000.

As a small nonprofit, we typically raise one-third of our annual budget during our year-end fundraising. This year especially, we have a lot of ground to cover to meet our fundraising needs. Please help us meet our End of Year goal of $25,000 so we can go into 2021 in the black.

When you consider our many achievements this year compared to our operating budget, it makes your dollars spent on a good cause feel even sweeter. Check out our 2020 accomplishments HERE.

The stakes for human rights and our planet at large have never been higher, and the folks moving to amend on the ground in communities across the U.S. have never felt a fire for change more than now!

Through the pandemic and widespread economic crisis, some of our longtime donors have fallen away -- but amazingly, hundreds of small monthly donations from individuals continue to come through.

This movement is made up of working folks, who understand we are grassroots to our core, and know that their contribution of time and money is critical to every step we take toward passing the #WeThePeopleAmendment and ending the court created fiction of corporate constitutional rights.

We have set an additional goal of recruiting 28 *NEW* monthly donors before the end of the year. Monthly contributions shape our capacity, and how we plan and prioritize our programming and action campaigns. Sign up today to support us at $5/mo, $10/mo, or $28/mo for the 28th Amendment.

Through everything this year -- the Trump Administration, a pandemic, an economic crisis, the continued brutality against Black and Brown people in the streets, the devastating effects of climate change, racist and inhumane immigration policies, and more -- we continue to organize and make real our collective vision for a 28th amendment to end corporate rule over We the People. 

What we need to do now...


→ $25,000

→ 28 new monthly sustainers


→ #WeThePeopleAmendment reintroduced into the House with 100 cosponsors

→ A companion bill to HJR48 introduced into the Senate with 5 initial cosponsors

→ Grow and build our new Toward a People’s Constitution Project (

Our collective resilience and determination is the reason we know that the We the People Amendment will pass. And, this is why we ask for your financial support.

This movement runs on contributions in all forms. Our funding comes from our base, in small amounts from real individuals such as yourself. It is you, our donors and volunteers who allow Move to Amend to reach our goals, and support nationwide organizing efforts while remaining politically independent. 

Please help us end 2020 in the black by making a generous donation or signing up for a monthly sustaining donation today. 

In Solidarity & With Gratitude, 

Jessica, Keyan, Milly, Kaitlin, Shelly, Alfonso, Daniel, Jennie, Leila, Saleem, Jason, Tara, George, Joni, Greg

- Move to Amend National Team

P.S. We need to raise $25,000 by December 31st to start 2021 in the black. We also need new monthly sustainers -- our goal is 28 new sustainers for the 28th Amendment! Whatever you can do today -- it will help Move to Amend come out swinging in 2021.

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