Our 2020 Accomplishments

What. A. Year.

While we never could have predicted the absolute wrench a global pandemic would throw into the mix of consolidating corporate rule over our basic human rights, we aren't surprised at all that things are at a tipping point -- socially, economically, and ecologically. We've always known this moment would arrive.

And these moments, as brutal and terrifying as they are, are also moments of opportunity to educate, agitate and organize toward the world we want and deserve.

And Move to Amend stayed on course, through temporary staff layoffs and general uncertainty as a purely grassroots-funded organization (the hardest hit in this crisis).

We are proud to announce our 2020 accomplishments that your support made possible -- from the national to the grassroots level!


First, we met our 2020 goal of 75 cosponsors for House Joint Resolution 48, the #WeThePeopleAmendment -- and may exceed it by the end of the year!

Our 2020 Pledge to Amend campaign was also extremely successful!

  • 50 of our pledge-signers went on to win their races.
  • FOUR of those will be headed/returning to US Congress to continue fighting for the #WeThePeopleAmendment!



Toledo, OH: passed a city council resolution in support of MTA and the call for an Amendment to the Constitution to Abolish Corporate Personhood and the doctrine of Money as Speech. 

Troy, OH: began campaign for a city council resolution in support of the We the People Amendment.

The #WeThePeopleAmendment language was also on local ballots in Ohio and Wisconsin. And as usual, they ALL won -- by a landslide.

  • Painesville, OH (78%)
  • Land O' Lakes, WI (84%)
  • Winnebago County, WI (83%)
IMPORTANT NOTE: all three of these people's victories took place in counties/towns that otherwise went to Trump -- proving once again that this is a trans-partisan issue. This brings us to a total of 678 local/state resolutions and ballot initiatives in support of a 28th Amendment that would abolish corporate personhood and money as free speech! All the credit to local Move to Amend organizers in Ohio, and United to Amend organizers in Wisconsin, for these incredible wins!!!


  • Tennessee Democratic Party (TN)
  • Blue River Democrats (TN)
  • Green Party of Santa Clara County (CA)
  • South Bay Indigenous Solidarity (CA) 
  • American Federation of Government Employees (MN)
  • California Democratic Party (CA)
  • Democratic Party of Contra Costa County (CA)
  • Castro Valley Democratic Club (CA) passed resolution
  • Alameda Labor Council (CA) passed resolution
  • Fox Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (WI) passed resolution
  • Green Bay Area Unitarian Universalists (WI) passed resolution
  • Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (WI) 
  • Minnesota Nurses Association (MN) 
  • Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture (IA)
  • Humanists of Greater Portland (OR)
  • 2020 or Bust


  • Central Ohio - Created “Talking about Democracy” an ongoing two-topic education series connecting with local groups. 
  • Saint Paul, MN:  - Created "Imagining Real Democracy Discussion Series" an ongoing event with readings, videos and rotating topics related to realizing real democracy in Minnesota. 
  • Minneapolis, MN: - Created "Growing Democracy Discussion Series" an ongoing opportunity to explore solutions and obstacles to growing democracy and building solidarity.
  • Anchorage, AK: - Co-hosted " A Program of Virtual Civic education and engagement"  a 3 part Fall Education Series.


  • Ohio State Network
  • Minnesota State Network
  • California State Network


  • Troy, OH - We the People Miami 
  • Pensacola, FL - NW FL Move to Amend
  • Santa Clara County CA - Santa Clara Move to Amend
  • Auburn, CA - Sacramento Area Move to Amend


  • Mendocino, CA
  • Prescott, AZ
  • Troy, OH
  • Missoula, MT


This year we saw a huge increase in our supporters using this tactic to spread awareness and educate people about the #WeThePeopleAmendment through Letters to the Editor and other opinion pieces. You can do this too!!


“Perhaps our greatest accomplishment was having our small core group stick together throughout this extremely challenging year”
- Dede Wissman, We the People Miami (OH)

This grassroots movement is powerful but we couldn't have done it with out YOU -- our supporters. Thank you for standing by Move to Amend and helping us keep the fight for real democracy going strong!

Onward to 2021.

In Solidarity, 

Jason, Tara, George, Joni, Greg, Jessica, Keyan, Milly, Kaitlin, Shelly, Alfonso, Daniel, Jennie, Leila, Saleem

- Move to Amend National Team

P.S. Thank you again for supporting Move to Amend, through thick and thin. We see your commitment to this cause, and we are truly grateful.

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