ONLINE: Abolishing Corporate Planetary Destruction

The (Name TBA) is a space that Move to Amend is creating to focus on the relationship between corporate power and environmental catastrophe. We’re interested in gathering with folks who, like us, want an end to corporate destruction of the Earth for profit. 

Move to Amend has been focused on ending the constitutional rights for corporations in the United States which they use to get away with; dangerous fracking and pipelines, spewing oil and toxic waste into the water, mountaintop removal, usurping community rights and violating treaties, and every other shameful action corporations take in the pursuit of maximum profit. 

We have one perspective and hold one piece of the work, but the fight for the survival of animals and ecosystems will take many of us. The (Name TBA) is a space where we invite folks who are fighting this fight to come and share with us, help strengthen the public education we do and uplift your work, and connect with other threads of the movement.

Move to Amend recognizes the need to match the scale of the solution (the We the People Amendment and other Constitutional Amendments) to the scale of the existential ecological crisis.

Please join us for this important and long-anticipated launch @ 8 PM Eastern Time/ 5 PM Pacific Time.

April 21, 2022 at 5:00pm - 8pm
Stephen Scalmanini Mary Glenn Max Zieher Jessica Munger Carlen Altman Douglas C Smyth Elie Mbys-davidson Andrea Lewis Deanna Homer Dee Anna Megan Shumway Gerry Baudendistel Sally Johnson Jordan Reece Susan T Cooper Anne Stauffer Rita Kabeto Michael Nelson Mark kinney G Coleridge Alfonso Omar Saldana Carl Wassilie Nettie McGee Enzo Bard Pamela Haun Doug May S. Keely Robert Ranta Virginia Watson Ida DelVecchio Carolyn Pomeroy Diane Ryerson Jennie C Spanos Ardith Willner Wayne Pipke Stacey Webb richard blake Lynn Abrams Scott Snyder Helga Motley Steven Jacobson Deb Hogshead Thomas Brown Matt Marshall Sulyen Mason Lawrence Abbott Al Brooks Timothy Havel

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