Movement Education & Empowerment Talks

Movement Education & Empowerment Talks (MEETs)

Move to Amend has organized in-person "Barnstorming tours" since our inception to educate on the issues of corporate rule and money in politics, advocate for enactment of the We the People Constitutional Amendment and organize local affiliate groups as part of a larger goal to work in coalition to create a powerful democracy movement. Since the pandemic, programs have been virtual. In 2022, we're organizing Move to Amend's Movement Education & Empowerment Talks (MEETs) with individuals all over the country who are interested in becoming more locally active.

MEETs are virtual educational and action programs facilitated by national Move to Amend Team. Participants can choose to participate remotely or meet in a home, library, community center, religious/ethical venue, union hall, or elsewhere with Move to Amend staff presenting remotely. MEETs are free and open to anyone interested!

Our goals are to:

Work more closely with interested individuals (like you hopefully!) who want to learn more and expand our base where they are

√ Connect with local groups to support grassroots power building and work to create real democracy

Widen and deepen awareness of the impact of corporate constitutional rights and the We the People Amendment

How to participate

  • Email [email protected] or call (916) 318-8040 if interested in Move to Amend organizing a Movement Education & Empowerment Talk in your community.
  • Help us pick a date and time
  • Help us learn what issues/concerns are the most pressing in your area
  • If willing and able, inviting people you know to attend
  • If willing and able and part of a organization that works on one or more issues that connect to corporate rule, to invite a representative of that organization to speak
  • Help publicize the event once set by email and/or social media

Move to Amend commits to

  • Organizing the program
  • Developing a notice of the program that can be shared via email and/or social media
  • Preparing a brief presentation on how the issues of money in politics and corporate rule connects with the major issues/concerns in your area
  • Reaching out to any local organizations identified as having an representative willing to speak 
  • Facilitating discussion after all the brief presentations
  • Emailing announcements to Move to Amend supporters in your area via email blasts and website postings
  • Posting publicity of the program on MTA social media
  • Following up with any individuals and/or group representatives willing to work together 

Our country urgently needs an inclusive, powerful and nonviolent democracy movement – organized from the ground up – to face the systemic problems before us. We must powerfully come together to propose solutions that are in proportion to the problems and power we face. 

We look forward to MEETing you to share, listen, discuss and help build a mass democracy movement for constructive change together! 

Email [email protected] or call (916) 318-8040 if you're interested in participating in a MEET in your community or area.