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Why I support Move to Amend


I’ve been privileged during my life in many ways. Near the top of the list has been the opportunity to work and become friends with incredible people across the country who’ve selflessly shared their time, talents and treasures to help others and to change the underlying conditions that harm people, places and the planet. 

The separate and increasing numerous and interrelated economic, social, political and environmental problems that have been blatantly exposed in 2020 share several root causes. One of them is that people lack fundamental rights to make important decisions affecting their lives. This absence of our right to decide is due to a sad truth: we’ve never lived in an authentic democracy/democratic republic. We the People have never included all the people.

Making matters worse has been courts granting corporations constitutional rights (“corporate personhood”) that overturn passed laws and the constitutional right of wealthy individuals and corporate entities to spend huge sums of money to influence elected officials and public policies. Both prevent our ability to protect our health and safety and the welfare of our communities, country and ecosystem.

This needs to fundamentally change. That’s why I work and support Move to Amend, calling for the We the People Amendment and for real democracy. Please help me reach my personal goal of raising $5000 by the end of the year to support our efforts.

I’ve been working to end corporate constitutional rights for 25 years -- before most people ever heard of “corporate personhood” and more than a decade before the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. It began when it struck me that all the peace, justice and environmental problems I was working on for a social action organization in Ohio wasn’t addressing the core issues of: Who governs? Who decides? Who has the power to determine the kinds of laws and regulations we have? The answer to all these questions was “Not us, not people."

Past and present “surface” problems will never be solved unless we address the root solutions of abolishing corporate constitutional rights (“corporate personhood”), big money in elections (caused by the constitutional doctrine that money in elections equals free speech) and democratizing our Constitution. This will only happen by building a grassroots and racially, gender and age diverse democracy movement -- which is Move to Amend’s mission. Over 700 communities across the country have passed resolutions and initiatives in the spirit of the We the People Amendment while 75 Congressional Representatives are Amendment cosponsors. 

We don’t chase the headlines or shift our strategy based on where major foundations this year want to put their money. We’re able to focus on root causes because we’re politically and economically independent -- not funded by corporations, big foundations, political parties, governments or billionaires. Instead, we depend on our supporters to help us continue the work.

The pandemic may have financially hit you hard. It did us. All staff, including me, worked as volunteers and went on unemployment for many months. It’s critical we get back on track for the start of 2021.

Please make an investment (it’s more than a donation or contribution) to help us together work for real people power to achieve justice in all their forms, a livable world and authentic democracy.

Thank you for considering.

Onwards and Upwards! 

How I've supported Move to Amend

  • NAFTA at 30 / "Corporate Personhood" at over 100

    Thirty years ago today, President Bill Clinton signed legislation supporting U.S. entry into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Removing restrictions on trade between the U.S., Mexico and Canada, NAFTA was aggressively opposed by organized labor, environmental organizations, and many “good government” groups for two major reasons.

    First, NAFTA’s provisions prioritized “trade” of goods and services produced by multinational corporations over protecting workers, consumers and the environment.

    Second, disputes brought by corporate investors directly against foreign nations over claimed “barriers to trade” were decided by unelected and unaccountable Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) "tribunals" largely composed of corporate-friendly members -- beyond the reach of citizens or even national legislatures or courts.

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  • The Israel-Gaza War, Democracy and Corporate Power

    Move to Amend has always strived for more than simply reversing the Citizens United Supreme Court decision, ending the corruption of money from the rich and corporations spent in elections and passing the We the People Amendment that would abolish ALL corporate constitutional rights.

    We believe even more structural changes are needed to achieve genuine self-determination for all people, everywhere. It’s why we’ve always been committed to anti-oppression within ourselves, communities, workplaces, policies, and representation, understanding that oppressed people lack the power to meet their needs and improve their communities.  

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  • published Corporations inflate Thanksgiving in Announcements 2023-11-20 03:57:12 -0800

    Corporations inflate Thanksgiving

    The “inflation” of Thanksgiving summarized below is not about the increased mass marketing hoopla that corporations create every holiday to make us think the more stuff we buy, the greater will be the enjoyment, if not “meaning,” of the day or season. Thanksgiving is actually a lousy holiday to commercialize. Afterall, there’s only so much profit to be gained from peddling Turkeys/Tofurkys, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce.

    Nor are we focusing on the "inflation" of the giant Thanksgiving Day Parade floats that will wind their way through the streets of New York City.


    The more significant Thanksgiving “inflation” is the inflated prices of consumer products, including food, which have skyrocketed. We can thank major food corporations for this.

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  • published Kent Democracy Day Public Hearing in Ohio News 2023-11-10 02:58:13 -0800

    Kent Democracy Day Public Hearing

    City of Kent
    Wednesday October 4, 2023
    City Council Committee Meetings
    320 S. Depeyster Street, Kent, OH 44240


    Democracy Day Public Hearing
    At 6:00 p.m. Mayor Fiala called the Democracy Day Public Hearing to order.

    Present: Mr. Jack Amrhein, Mr. Michael DeLeone, Mr. John Kuhar, Ms. Gwen
    Rosenberg, Ms. Heidi Shaffer Bish (6:16 p.m.),Mr. Roger Sidoti, Mr. Robin

    Also Present: Mr. Jerry T. Fiala, Mayor, and President of Council; Mr. Dave Ruller, City
    Manager; Ms. Hope Jones, Law Director; Ms. Bridget Susel, Community
    Development Director; Ms. Melanie Baker, Service Director; Mr. Jim Bowling,
    City Engineer; Ms. Joan Seidel, Health Commissioner; Ms. Rhonda Hall,
    Budget and Finance Director; Mr. Nick Shearer, Chief of Police; Ms. Suzanne
    Stemnock, Director of Human Resources; Ms. Amy Wilkens, Clerk of

    Absent: Mr. Garret Ferrara, Ms. Tracy Wallach

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  • Democracy is about Elections AND People’s Movements

    Tomorrow is election day. Please vote if you already haven’t by mail or in person. 

    But voting isn’t enough. We also need a People’s Movement like Move to Amend to abolish corporate rule, an essential step toward achieving legitimate democracy.

    Electing better representatives at every level of government who represent the interests of voters rather than large donors is critical. That can be a challenge, especially when candidates swimming in campaign cash from the super rich and business corporations flood our airwaves, mailboxes and inboxes. 

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  • Josh Hawley's Bill Masks the Real Sources of Corporate Rule

    Is this a sincere response to the corporate influence of our elections or simply a Halloween stunt in which the far-right Republican dressed up as a campaign finance reformer to hide his true identity as a shill for corporate power? 

    Republican Senator Josh Hawley introduced the Ending Corporate Influence on Elections Act on October 31 to reduce the impact of the Supreme Court 2010 Citizens United v. FEC. Its goal is to get corporate money out of our politics”

    What are we to make of this surprising announcement?

    Is it a sincere response to the corporate influence of our elections or simply a Halloween stunt in which Josh dressed up as a campaign finance reformer calling for real change to increase democracy by reducing corporate power?

    Behind the masks are the real sources of corporate rule: all never-intended corporate constitutional rights and money defined as free speech.

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  • published Interview of Greg Coleridge in Announcements 2023-11-06 06:57:27 -0800

    Move to Amend

    Interview of Greg Coleridge, Co-Director

    Staying in Contact with London Mitchell

    November 2, 2023

  • Lessons of the UAW Strike for Move to Amend

    Organized labor in the U.S. is experiencing a resurgence, as unions secure better contracts with higher pay and improved conditions following pandemic-related wage suppression, inflation, and a tight labor market. This "Great Reset" has led to successful strikes by various unions, including American Airline pilots, Teamsters at UPS, Kaiser Permanente workers, and more. The current strike by United Auto Workers (UAW) members against major auto corporations GM, Ford, and Stellantis is notable for its creative "Stand Up" strike strategy and a focus on economic justice and inequality. The auto industry's advantages, such as mobility and technological investments, pose challenges to labor. Move to Amend can learn from the UAW's clarity, boldness, and visibility in addressing systemic issues. We must also leverage the current anti-corporate sentiment and remain committed to organizing and being accountable to our base in working to enact the We the People Amendment. 



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  • How Different Our Work Would Be in a Democracy

    Part of the Veterans For Peace 2023 Online Convention
    Presenters: Mike Ferner (Veterans for Peace), Greg Coleridge (Move to Amend)

    Watch the video at

    VFP members, like so many others in the struggle for peace and justice, are always on the defensive because corporations wield governing power and we are always reacting to them -- fighting another specific weapons system, another invasion, another human rights violation. VFP can be a leader in showing how we can do that work, while also overthrowing corporate rule so we are "running the show" and not the other way around.


  • Why We Protested at the ​​U.S. Chamber of Commerce

    There were two main reasons why Move to Amend held a vigil and rally at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce during our recent trip to Washington, DC to lobby for HJR54, the We the People Amendment

    The two reasons were to highlight what the Chamber represents and what the Chamber does. 

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  • Shutdown of Government Averted, of Democracy Continues

    While the public, investors and many leaders abroad exhaled in relief when Congress agreed to a 45-day temporary spending bill to avoid a government shutdown, the shutdown of real democracy in our country endures.

    Representative democracy decreasingly represents the public, particularly for people of color, women and other groups who have never possessed equal rights. 

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  • [OHIO] Shaker Heights Democracy Day Public Hearing Testimony

    September 11, 2023

    With passage of Issue 95 in Shaker Heights in November 2016, the voters of Shaker Heights supported a 28th amendment to the U.S. Constitution saying that money is not speech and that corporate entities do not have constitutional rights which were intended for natural persons only.  Passage of the issue also established a biannual public forum called Democracy Day where individuals could speak before the mayor and city council of Shaker Heights about how money in politics and the construct of corporate personhood are undermining our democracy with the purpose of informing our state and congressional legislators of the will of Shaker Heights voters to establish the We the People Amendment.

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  • Biennial Shaker Heights Democracy Day rules again in ‘23, letting off a little corporate steam

    Updated: Sep. 19, 2023, 7:23 p.m. Published: Sep. 19, 2023, 6:21 p.m.

    SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio -- City Council hosted its biennial Democracy Day earlier this month -- which Shaker residents overwhelmingly voted into existence back in 2016 -- seeking to reverse the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens vs. United ruling.

    This in turn led to the “Move to Amend” initiative, seeking a return to the days when corporations were not considered people and money was not equivalent to free speech -- meaning that political campaign contributions could again be regulated.

    It’s an opportunity to speak out in recognition of our democratic heritage and principles,” protesting the landmark 2010 decision “as well as other rulings opposed to our democracy,” Mayor David Weiss said before turning the floor of council chambers over to Organize Ohio Executive Director Larry Bresler, serving as emcee.

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  • Ensuring a livable world requires “cutting off corporate power at its source”

    A massive “March to End Fossil Fuels” is this Sunday in New York City. More than 700 organizations, including Move to Amend, have endorsed the event, prior to the United Nations Climate Ambition Summit. Mobilizations will occur around the world, part of a growing global escalation to end fossil fuels. 

    Watch us LIVE on  YouTube  |  Facebook  |  Twitter

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  • Move to Amend Leader Lawrence Abbott is “Unionist of the Year”

    Lawrence Abbott is one of Move to Amend’s most active, tireless, enthusiastic and effective volunteers locally in the Oakland Bay area, state-wide in California and nationally – serving on our Labor Caucus.

    A retired member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Lawrence has also been extremely active in volunteering with his local labor federation: the Alameda Labor Council (ALC).

    Lawrence was recognized recently by the ALC as the “Unionist of the Year” for his tireless, enthusiastic, and effective volunteer activities. 

    click on the image or on the link below to watch his inspiring acceptance speech. 

    He touches on the importance of volunteering, the need for a powerful Labor movement to organize for justice in all its forms and the need for fundamental change – including enacting the We the People Amendment – to save the world!

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  • Labor is on the Move. Help workers Move – to Amend – this Labor Day!

    It’s been a “summer of strikes.” Workers across the country are on the offense, demanding better working conditions, benefits and pay – and opposing artificial intelligence.

    Current strikes include over 170,000 writers, actors and producers in Hollywood and across the country, thousands of food service workers in Las Vegas, thousands of city employees and thousands more of hotel workers in Los Angeles and nearly 2000 nurses in New Jersey. The strike of 340,000 workers at UPS yielded a tentative contract that is being voted on through next week.

    In totalthere’s been 233 labor actions in 352 locations in the U.S. since January 1, 84 in 141 locations since July 1. 

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  • Statement of the Move to Amend Ohio Network on the defeat of Issue 1

    We celebrate with many Ohioans the defeat of Issue 1 on August 8, but efforts to create an authentic democracy are ongoing.

    While it is true that Issue 1 was an indirect vote on abortion, the Ohio legislature’s proposed amendment was first and foremost an attack on direct democracy, the process by which citizens can use ballot measures to create (i.e. initiatives) or reverse (i.e. referendums) laws or recall (remove) elected officials as a means of holding state officials (i.e. legislators and the governor) accountable when they fail to govern in the best interests of the people.

    But it is also true that, as both supporters and opponents of Issue 1 pointed out, ballot measures can be—indeed, they are—manipulated by big money from the ultra wealthy and large corporations.  

    This is why the concept “one person, one vote” can never be a truly legitimate exercise of democratic principles until we abolish once and for all the misguided doctrine “one dollar, one vote,” established by U.S. Supreme Court decisions that money spent on political campaigns is a protected form of First Amendment free speech rights, first established in the 1976 Buckley vs Valeo decision.

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  • No time like the present as Cleveland Heights holds 10th annual Democracy Day

    Updated: Jun. 20, 2023, 8:12 a.m.

    At the podium in Cleveland Heights council chambers at City Hall, Carla Rautenberg served as moderator for the 10th annual Cleveland Heights Democracy Day, held June 7.Tom Jewell/Special to


    CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Organizers of the 10th annual Democracy Day held at City Hall earlier this month pointed out that no money was exchanged for the people’s right to free speech.

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  • Testimony -- Cleveland Heights 10th Annual Democracy Day Public Hearing

    June 7, 2023 in Council Chambers
    Cleveland Heights City Hall
    40 Severance Circle, Cleveland Heights, OH 44118


    Carla Rautenberg, Cleveland Heights – Introductory Remarks

    WELCOME to the 10th Annual Cleveland Heights Democracy Day. Many thanks to City Council and Cleveland Heights voters who made this annual public hearing possible. In a happy coincidence, with moving our Democracy Day to June, we now share the celebratory spirit of Pride Month and Juneteenth!

    One update about the progress of our proposed Constitutional Amendment in the U.S. Congress. Rep. Pramila Jayapal reintroduced the We the People Amendment stating that corporations are not people and money is not speech, in the 118th Congress, with one important change: it is now House Joint Resolution 54. You will need that number, HJR 54, to track the resolution’s progress in the U.S. House. It was only re-introduced in April, and there are already 49 cosponsors. Please contact Congresswoman Shontel Brown and ask her to be the 50th co-sponsor of HJR-54!

    Back by popular request this year, we have a Ohio Democracy vs. Corporations Quiz. This is not a “gotcha” quiz. It’s a more of a “teaching” quiz, so the answers are given on the back of the sheet. I’ll read the first question now, then we’ll have five more interspersed with public testimony. I hope you find them interesting. This first question actually is a repeat from last year, so a few people might recall it and remember the answer.

    1. Early legislative acts in Ohio created corporations one at a time, through petitioning the General Assembly, and stipulating rigid conditions. These privileges, not rights, included which of the following?
    2. Limited duration of the charter or certificate of incorporation
    3. Limitations on how much land a corporation could own
    4. Limits on capitalization, or how much owners could invest in the corporation
    5. Charters were restricted to specific, stated purposes, so a new purpose required a new corporate charter.
    6. All of the above.

    And the answer is: e. All of the above.


    Full report --

  • Will the Supreme Court overturn Citizens United?

    Is this a legitimate question given several recent Supreme Court decisions? Are a majority of Justices shifting ideologically toward more “democracy” and/or less inclined to side with property and more with people?

    The answers are an emphatic NO.

    Why not?

    Last month, the High Court made two decisions upholding the federal Voting Rights Act by striking down laws in Alabama and Louisiana that discriminated against African Americans in the drawing of Congressional maps. In both cases, congressional districts were drawn (or “gerrymandered”) by state officials to concentrate as many African Americans in as few districts as possible. Both were clear voting rights wins!

    In addition, the “Supremes” in another somewhat surprising decision ruled last week against North Carolina Republicans who used a fringe legal argument, called the “independent state legislative” theory, to defend the drawing of congressional maps that heavily favored Republicans in elections. The ruling affirmed the right of the state supreme court to consider suits challenging the clear gerrymandered legislative action. Another win for voting rights!

    That’s about it. 

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Greg Coleridge

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