Help with our Inside and Outside strategies to end corporate rule

Fundamental social change has always involved a combined inside and outside approach – supporters inside governing institutions promoting and defending real change that’s initiated by organized people in grassroots movements. Advancements in women’s rights, civil rights, labor rights, and environmental protections are just a few of the movements throughout our nation’s history that have followed this blueprint.

This is exactly the strategy Move to Amend pursues in working to end corporate rule and the corruption of massive spending in political elections.

Our inside strategy is advocating within the federal government for the We the People Amendment (HJR54) to abolish all corporate constitutional rights (i.e. “corporate personhood”) and political money defined as First Amendment-protected “free speech.”

Its introduction as a piece of legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives legitimizes the issues and serves as a vehicle to educate Congresspersons as we advocate for co-sponsors (currently at 76). It also serves as a legitimate democratic anchor for us and Representatives to raise when far weaker alternative Amendments and laws are proposed and promoted.

Your help is needed in pushing this inside strategy by lobbying with others your Representative to co-sponsor HJR54. Go here to make sure your Representative hasn’t already co-sponsored. If not, please sign up to be contacted at the Move the 118th Congress to Amend Campaign 

Our outside strategy is building the bottom-up grassroots movement and culture to end corporate rule in all its forms – to add to the growing realization across issues and even political beliefs that corporations are too powerful and unaccountable to We the People.

Your help is needed to advance one or both of these grassroots strategies to build our breadth and depth of support:

1. Solicit organizational endorsers

More than 750 organizations support our effort: legal, faith/ethical, community-based, labor, citizen action, issue-related, peace, and many others. 

Go here for a listing of the groups, as well as links to add organizational endorsements and to download an endorsement form. 

Please approach any/all organizations you’re a part of. They, no doubt, are concerned with and/or working on problems that can’t fully be solved due to the political power of corporations and the super rich. 

Contact us (at [email protected]) for help.

2. Solicit municipal resolutions 

More than 700 local municipalities (i.e. cities, towns or villages) and 8 states have passed resolutions or citizen-driven ballot initiatives supporting the ending of money as speech and all forms of corporate constitutional rights. If your community is not on the list, go here for information on how to organize a resolution campaign in your community.

Contact us (at [email protected]) for help.

[Note: You may have seen lists from other national groups showing more than 800 communities supporting an end to the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. Without exception, every one of those lists include all of the above-referenced communities, yet fails to mention that most of the resolutions/ballot initiatives call for much, much more than simply ending Citizens United]

We are a small staff with a small budget in comparison to many other national “democracy” groups. We rely, therefore, on people like you – grassroots leaders dedicated to creating real democracy –  to do what you can, when you can. We are extremely grateful for your support!

Thank you for considering working with us to further our inside and outside strategies to abolish corporate rule and the corruption of the flood of money in political elections, the need for which will be much more sickeningly evident in 2024. 

In solidarity,

Jennie, Tara, Shelly, George, Daniel, Margaret, Michael, Ambrosia, Jessica, Katie, Cole, Jason, Alfonso & Greg

Move to Amend National Team


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