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OHIO: RELEASE: Citizens Testify at Local Public Hearings in Ohio to End Corrupt Elections & Corporate Rule


For immediate release, March 21, 2023

Contacts: Greg Coleridge, [email protected], 216-255-2184 | Dennis Slotnick, [email protected], 419-704-1863 | Brad Deane, [email protected], 440-488-1109 | Madelon Watts, [email protected], 216-291-4450

Citizens Testify at Local Public Hearings in Ohio to End Corrupt Elections and Corporate Rule

Twelve public hearings are taking place in Ohio this year on the corruption resulting from the explosion of money spent in political elections and multiple harms due to increasing corporate power to influence elections and public policies.

The hearings are a result of citizen-driven ballot initiatives organized by supporters of the national Move to Amend Coalition working to pass the We the People Amendment (HJR48), introduced again this year in the U.S. House of Representatives by Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D, WA).

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East Palestine train catastrophe shows why corporations aren't 'people'| Opinion

Sandra Bolzenius
Guest Columnist, March 7, 2023

If ordinary people had a say on the factors, would last month's train derailment in East Palestine have happened?

Who among us would exempt companies from fully disclosing the contents of their toxic cargo?

Who would permit a train of 150 cars to operate with a crew of just two — and then deny railroad workers paid sick days? Which of us would even consider reversing a safety mandate to install new brake systems?

My guess is that nary a soul would agree to these or any conditions that put others at risk. That is not what people do.

Empowered by the U.S. Supreme Court’s stance that they are “people,” corporations push policies that reflect values very different than ours. Real people care about family, communities, the environment, and a sustainable future.

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VOICES: Protecting the public from corporate harm

Protecting public welfare is a primary function of government, right?

When professionals such as doctors and lawyers break the law or violate standards of acceptable behavior, they aren’t just slapped with a fine, told to replace their office managers, and allowed to go back to business as usual. In the interest of public safety, state regulators hold these professionals accountable by suspending or revoking their license to practice.

But how do we hold a multibillion-dollar corporation accountable for misconduct or criminal activity in a way that also protects the best interests of the public?

I’m talking about FirstEnergy, the Akron-based utility company behind the largest public corruption scandal in Ohio history. The scandal involved Larry Householder, former speaker of the Ohio House, and Generation Now, a 501(c)(4) “social-welfare” nonprofit that can keep its donors hidden, or “in the dark.”

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OHIO: Move to Amend "Democracy Day" Public Hearings - 2023

Mandated municipally-sponsored public hearings following the passage of ballot initiatives organized by Move to Amenders. The initiatives had two components. [1] Municipalities were required to sponsor a public hearing, dubbed "Democracy Day" hearings, inviting residents and/or anyone to testify on the impact money in politics and corporate rule on their lives, communities or world. Congress that voters in these communities, and [2] Municipalities were required to send a letter to all state and federal elected officials representing their area summarizing the hearing and informing them that the voters of that municipality voted in support of a Constitutional Amendment to abolish all corporate constitutional rights and money defined as free speech. Several communities were considered more politically "conservative" or "moderate." 

Below is a schedule as of this date of hearings that have already taken place or are planned.

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[OHIO] Move to Amend Ohio Democracy Day Public Hearings - 2023


2023 Schedule 



February 9, 7 pm

Defiance City Hall 

Recording at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GToGp15IxC4

Contact: Dolores Whitman, Contact: [email protected], 419-633-9031 


February 15, 5:30 pm

Mentor Municipal Center, Council Chambers


Contact: Dave Lima, [email protected], 440-220-0204

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Move to Amend "Democracy Day" gathering is March 1 in Chagrin Falls

ACTION ALERT: Oppose efforts to weaken direct democracy via citizen-initiatives in Ohio

Secretary of State Frank LaRose and State Rep. Brian Stewart recently announced an effort to change the Ohio Constitution in order to make it harder for Ohio citizens to successfully pass ballot initiatives. House Joint Resolution 6 (HJR6) is a power grab, plain and simple. It is unnecessary, unfair, unpopular, and undemocratic. 

A broad coalition of groups is organizing to stop this attack on direct democracy in its tracks. 


1. The proposal may be voted on next week by a committee and the entire House. Tell your Ohio House Representative you oppose this undemocratic proposal. Find your House member (and contact information) HERE

2. Attend a statewide Rally for Democracy!, Tuesday, December 13, 2022, 11:15 AM, Trinity Episcopal Church, 125 E Broad St, Columbus, OH 43215. Details HERE

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Video: Dennis Kucinich on Pulling the Plug on FirstEnergy Corporation

FirstEnergy’s headquarters in Akron. Source: Google Maps.


August 23, 2022

Presentation by and discussion with Dennis Kucinich

Former Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio State Senator, U.S. Congressperson and Presidential Candidate

Author of The Division of Light and Power

Sponsored by Ohio Move to Amend

[email protected]


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Ohio Democracy/Corporation History Quiz

This was part of the "testimony" presented at the Cleveland Heights Democracy Day Public Hearing on June 9, 2022

Ohio’s history is not just about “the mother of Presidents”, where and when its wartime battles took place, or which Ohioans flew into space. Its hidden part is the story of the struggles of the many people who sought to amake the basic decisions affecting their own lives free from external control. It’s also the story of the few who imposed control over Ohio’s majority of people and resources using the business corporation as their primary vehicle. These stories are enormously relevant today. The first seven questions and answers below are excerpted from Citizens over Corporations: A Brief History of Democracy in Ohio and Challenges to Freedom in the Future, available from [email protected]

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Summary of Testimony from Cleveland Heights’ 9th Annual Democracy Day

Public Hearing hosted by Cleveland Heights City Council and also livestreamed on June 9, 2022

[click on image to watch the hearing]

It was announced that U.S. House Joint Resolution 48, “Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States providing that the rights extended by the Constitution are the rights of natural persons only,” and also establishing that money is not speech, has attained 94 co-sponsors in 117th Congress, an all-time high. Members of the Ohio Congressional delegation Marcy Kaptur and Tim Ryan are co-sponsors. Cleveland Heights and other 11th district citizens who have been actively lobbying Rep. Shontel Brown to co-sponsor hope that she will do so soon.

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