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Check here for all the local news about corporate rule, Move to Amend press coverage, and announcements from the grassroots leaders of Montanans Move to Amend!

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Call Sen Tester and Daines: Co-sponsor the We the People Amendment

Montanans Move to Amend

"Corporations aren’t people and money isn’t speech.”

Montana can help overturn Citizens United and end the legal fiction of corporate personhood!

We need 5 US Senate Cosponsors to introduce our 28th Amendment into the Senate.

Will you call your Senators today?

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Help We the People Amendment Gain Ground in Montana and in US Congress

July Newsletter from Montanans Move to Amend

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Election Results: Move to Amend Initiative Resolutions Win Big

From Massachusetts to Oregon, Colorado to Illinois and Wisconsin, and Ohio to California, citizens throughout the country voted overwhelmingly yesterday for their legislators to pass a constitutional amendment to overturn the U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling and declare that only human beings – not corporations – are entitled to constitutional rights and that money is not speech and campaign spending can be regulated.
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