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Why I support Move to Amend

Hi Friends! It's Milly Harmon. Please help me raise money to get the undue influence of big money and corporate interests out of our government by setting up a monthly donation to Move to Amend on this page!
I support Move to Amend with a monthly donation, and so could you!

Move to Amend's proposed "We The People Amendment" to the U.S. Constitution would make clear that only human beings, not corporations, have Constitutional rights, and spending money in elections is not protected First Amendment speech.

Move to Amend was the very first group to call for overturning the antidemocratic 'Citizens United' Supreme Court case, and is the only national grassroots organization fighting to overturn all corporate constitutional rights. They are also the only amendment group with a strategic plan that spells out how to win!

Yes, there are a lot of worthy political causes to donate to, but I believe that fighting problems will never be enough to save our country if we don’t also work toward solutions. We must keep our eyes on the prize of a systemic solution strong enough to dig out the rot at the roots of our political system, and create a society that works for We the People.

The We the People Amendment is the rare solution that can really deliver that level of positive systemic change! Please join me in starting a monthly donation to Move to Amend today -- let's make this happen!

How I've supported Move to Amend

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