October 2023 Newsletter

October Newsletter

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Making Waves in D.C.: Move to Amend's Call for Change

We couldn't wait to share the electrifying highlights of our two in-person demonstrations held on September 19 and 20, right at the epicenter of American power.

In the heart of the nation's capital, the passionate force behind Move to Amend recently made waves in Washington D.C. Our national co-directors embarked on a pivotal journey to advocate for democracy, boldly asserting that it's time to put an #EndToCorporateRule and #EndCorporateGreed.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce & The U.S. Supreme Court: Where We Took Our Stand

On Tuesday, September 19, we stood tall in front of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, wielding a colossal 30ft x 15ft wide replica of the U.S. Constitution—an iconic symbol of American democracy. This powerful statement was made possible with the unwavering support of our allies at Backbone Campaign and the dedication of Charlie Cooper, president of Get Money Out - Maryland, and his tireless crew.

The following day, September 20, we repeated our compelling display with the Constitution replica, this time in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. Our message was clear: We must End Corporate Constitutional Rights and get Big Money out of Politics. And our solution? The We the People Amendment H.J.R. 54—a crucial piece of legislation that aims to reclaim our democracy from the grip of corporate influence.

But that's not all. After each event, our national directors rolled up their sleeves and got to work in the halls of power. They lobbied dozens Congressional Offices each and even had face-to-face meetings with U.S. Representatives such as Jaimie Raskin, Veronica Escobar, and the Lead Sponsor of H.J.R. 54, Pramila Jayapal. Their determination to make change happen was met with enthusiasm and growing support.

Read more about these actions and share this url. Also, check out our TikTok video from this demonstration, follow us, and spread the word. 

These actions, whether conducted in person or virtually, play a pivotal role in amplifying our collective voice and ensuring that our message cannot be disregarded. They allow us to convey the urgency of our mission—to end Corporate Rule and Greed—and to build crucial relationships with lawmakers who can help us achieve this goal.

Your Support Makes It All Possible

We operate on a modest budget, and while the national co-directors funded most of the expenses for this trip themselves out of pure dedication to our mission, we need your support to continue these vital efforts. Your financial contribution will enable us to organize more trips like this, ensuring a louder, more prominent presence that will help propel the We the People Amendment forward.

We have two funds: a 501c3 and a 501c4. When it comes to supporting our lobbying efforts, the 501c4 is where your contribution can make the most significant impact. While donations to the 501c4 are not tax deductible, they are an investment in the future of our democracy, a commitment to restoring power to the people.

Join We the People Wednesdays: Be Part of the Change

Here's another easy yet impactful way to join our cause—We the People Wednesdays. Every week, on Wednesdays, we ask everyone to call their Representatives' offices. Our One Click Politics software simplifies the process, allowing you to connect directly with your Representative by answering a few simple questions like your zip code and address. Your calls create the political will necessary to get H.J.R. 54 passed in the House of Representatives. 

If your Representative isn't a Cosponsor yet, call them now--you don't need to wait until Wednesday!

Also, consider maybe helping us add more people to our base by creating your personalized link and then sharing it via email, text, or social media. Everyone who signs the petition from your link will be credited to you. 

And, if you are ready to hit the streets, you can also collect signatures on our Motion to Amend petition.

Together, We Can Make History

With each demonstration, each meeting with a lawmaker, each phone call and new petition signature, we are building a movement that cannot be ignored. Our collective passion and dedication will shape the future of our democracy.

Together, we will end Corporate Rule and Greed. Together, we will reclaim our democracy.

TRAINING: Promoting Laws to Reduce Corporate Power and Increase Democracy

The 90-minute training will be on Zoom Wednesday, October 11 at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET


Gaveling Down the Rabble: How 'Free Trade' is Stealing Our Democracy -- book discussion pt. 3

Prepare to be captivated by the insightful exploration of how 'Free Trade' has impacted our democracy, igniting a conversation that challenges conventional beliefs and sparks a path towards change.

Mark your calendars for the next invigorating discussion, set to take place on November 14, and December 5 at 5 pm PT | 8 pm ET.

To fully immerse yourself in this transformative experience, secure your copy of "Gaveling Down the Rabble" from our online store today. Be ahead of the curve and equip yourself with the knowledge that will empower you to advocate for a fairer and more just world.

Let's come together to unravel the truths hidden within these pages and foster a stronger, united community. See you there!

We've said many times, 'We would be nothing without our affiliates, advocates, and supporters.' They do a lot of the heavy lifting, which is why we've been recognizing all they do for the movement each month.

Each month we will use this space to spotlight different Affiliates. This month we want to spotlight the Tuscaloosa Move to Amend. 

Kiki Karatheodoris and the team at Tuscaloosa Move to Amend achieved two significant milestones in August 2023. They secured Terri Sewell's repeat co-sponsorship and earned the endorsement of The Alabama Poor People's Campaign. These accomplishments are a testament to their relentless advocacy. Their August 17, 2023, meeting showcased their commitment to outreach and collaboration, including plans for tabling events, outreach to Republican lawmakers, and engagement with local communities.

We would also like to commend Mary Sue Gmeiner from Greater Dayton Move to Amend for taking the initiative to spread the message of Move to Amend through a Zoom presentation to an unofficial Democratic Party group. Despite the digital format, Mary Sue's dedication shone through as she passionately educated the group about our cause. Thank you for your commitment and efforts.

Also, this September, Move to Amend co-directors held in-person actions in New York and Washington D.C. as previously mentioned - and Fernanda Lugo, a dedicated Move to Amend supporter and member of the Alliance For Just Money, accompanied our National co-directors, playing a pivotal role in co-facilitating an interactive Constitution Day event planned by the Move to Amend Brooklyn affiliate. She also tirelessly marched along Move to Amend and other groups through the streets of New York, chanting and rallying keeping everyone's spirits high!

We also wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to our allies - because behind every successful action are allies who offer their support selflessly!

Thanks to Charlie Cooper, President of Get Money Out - Maryland, and his dedicated crew for their invaluable assistance during our two D.C. events. We are also grateful to the Back Bone Campaign for generously lending us the U.S. Constitution replica prop, which played a central role in many of our recent in-person events. Special thanks go to our friends from Make the Road NJ, Elie Mbys-davidson, DjElf7, and many others who lent their support and helped us collect petition signatures during these events. Irene LoRethe Brooklyn affiliate leader, deserves recognition for her exceptional coordination of the in-person Brooklyn interactive event and her warm hospitality and leadership.

Special Mentions:
Let's also acknowledge George Friday, a Move to Amend Board member and founding member, and Cole Bennett, our Move to Amend Fellow, for representing Move to Amend at the A Socialist Horizon Conference in Atlanta. Their dedication in discussing our amendment proposal with like-minded attendees highlights our commitment to the cause.

As we celebrate the achievements of these remarkable affiliates, working groups, and volunteers, let us be reminded that it is through collective dedication and unwavering passion that we drive the movement forward. Thank you for your commitment to the cause, and let us continue to inspire change together.

Don't forget to submit your monthly affiliate reports. 

These reports are a crucial tool for spotlighting the incredible efforts of our affiliates across the country and provide a platform for sharing best practices, success stories, and challenges faced in the fight for a constitutional amendment to end corporate personhood and money as speech in our political system.

Upcoming events YOU DON'T want to miss!


Thursday, October 12, 2023 

ONLINE: Ecology Network call at 5:00 PM PT / 8:00 PM ET

This is a space focused on the relationship between corporate power and environmental catastrophe.


Monday, October 23, 2023

Alliance For Just Money Coffeehouse in conversation with Move to Amend

Event Description: 
Direct action is a necessary next step to make any movement get public attention. Some of our members and allies with Move To Amend recently participated in direct action for the End of Fossil Fuels NYC march and in several demonstrations in DC.
Join us for a vibrant discussion on key takeaways and advice from Move to Amend co-directors and volunteers from Alliance for Just Money that participated in direct action for the End of Fossil Fuels NYC march and in several demonstrations in DC. for those looking to do similar demonstrations
You will also learn more about AFJM's planning for Mayday for Money,  through which they will bring Just Money to the mainstream!
Also, hear about the Singing Tree Project with Unity Through Creativity, and how you can be part of developing a Singing Tree Of a Just and Democratically Managed Home/Economy. 


MINNESOTA: Weekly Work Session every Monday from 1-3 pm 

P.S. please, consider putting Move to Amend in your will or living trust to ensure the work to pass the We the People Amendment keep on going even after we're gone.