Labor Caucus

Organized Labor comprises a key--and natural--base of allies in the fight to win a We the People Amendment ending corporate rule over our democracy. Organized labor has played a pivotal role in shaping workplace conditions and protecting the rights of millions of working people worldwide. Historically, the labor movement is our strongest and longest-lived organized force against corporate rule.

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About the Labor Caucus...

Local, regional and a few national unions have endorsed Move to Amend. These endorsements are gained through relationships. Some believe our most impactful way to move forward to connect and collaborate with organized labor is to connect at the grassroots level and move up while others feel it’s best to find contacts within national unions. Both strategies have their places.

The Labor Caucus is the space where we discuss, strategize, plan and report. We support Move to Amend organizers as they build relationships with organized labor and secure organized labor endorsements.

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If you are a union member, connected in any way to worker organizing, or you are already part of a Move to Amend affiliate and want to get involved with the Labor Caucus please contact Move to Amend Outreach Director, Greg Coleridge at [email protected]

Organized workers are our natural allies; we need you to join the campaign to spread the word and get Labor on board!

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