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January 21st Silent Vigil: Protest the 10 year Anniversary of Citizens United!

January 13, 2020

Our democracy is in danger! The 2010 Citizens United vs FEC Supreme Court ruling effectively gave our Republic to large corporations, unions and the wealthy with their corrupt decision to invalidate the political process in this country.

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End Constitutional Rights of American Corporations

February 4, 2019
Coty Keller

End constitutional rights of American corporations.

Jan. 21 was the ninth anniversary of Citizens United vs. FEC, the infamous Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates of election money from the super-rich and corporate entities. Result: further drowning out voices of us without money.

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Moving Toward a 28th Amendment

January 24, 2019
Carrie Seidman

A nationwide effort is underway to overturn corporate ‘personhood’

It’s not easy to pass a constitutional amendment. The last time it happened was in 1992, when the 27th set requirements for changes in compensation to members of Congress.

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Move To Amend warns Tampa and Sarasota about money in politics

A national movement to get big money out of politics and to challenge the idea of corporate personhood is hosting discussions throughout Florida, including in Tampa and Sarasota.

WMNF News interviewed Keyan Bliss, a grassroots volunteer coordinator with the Move to Amend coalition.

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January Barnstorming Tour in Florida with Keyan Bliss

January 9, 2019

Move to Amend is barnstorming through Florida and we're coming to a town near you! Catch a talk in your area, and learn how you can get involved in the campaign to end corporate personhood and demand real democracy!

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Tampa Move to Amend Inaugural Meeting

June 28, 2018
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