End Constitutional Rights of American Corporations

February 4, 2019
Coty Keller

End constitutional rights of American corporations.

Jan. 21 was the ninth anniversary of Citizens United vs. FEC, the infamous Supreme Court decision that opened the floodgates of election money from the super-rich and corporate entities. Result: further drowning out voices of us without money.

The corporate hijacking of elections and government predates Citizens United by decades, in the case of corporate constitutional rights by more than a century!

The courts have allowed corporations to win civil and property rights that overturned democratically enacted laws and regulations that protected people, communities and the environment.

Move to Amend is working to end the influence of big money in elections and end all forms of corporate constitutional rights by passing the We the People Amendment.

The goal is much more than reversing Citizens United. It’s about ending political money being protected as “free speech” and ending all forms of corporate constitutional rights.

The We the People Amendment had 65 U.S. representatives co-sponsor it in the last session and more are expected in 2019-2020, along with introduction for the first time in the Senate. More than 700 communities and states having passed resolutions or ballot measures.

You can sign the Motion to Amend petition at https://movetoamend.org/.

William “Coty” Keller, Port Charlotte

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