Video: Dennis Kucinich on Pulling the Plug on FirstEnergy Corporation

FirstEnergy’s headquarters in Akron. Source: Google Maps.

August 23, 2022

Presentation by and discussion with Dennis Kucinich

Former Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio State Senator, U.S. Congressperson and Presidential Candidate

Author of The Division of Light and Power

Sponsored by Ohio Move to Amend

[email protected]


Background to the scandal and the call for dissolving the charter (license) of FirstEnergy Corporation

To reclaim Ohioans’ historical power, First Energy’s corporate charter should be revoked

March 2, 2022

First Energy dissolution? An historic opportunity to remove key player in corrupt political culture

April 1, 2022

Sam Randazzo, ex-FirstEnergy executives added as defendants in Ohio AG’s House Bill 6 lawsuit

August 5, 2022

Federal prosecutor asks Ohio utilities commission to freeze investigations into House Bill 6 scandal

August 17, 2022

Nothing new? Records show startling new info on DeWine, Husted roles in Ohio bailout scandal

August 18, 2022

FirstEnergy official: Larry Householder, Sam Randazzo, ex-company executives conspired to break federal law

August 25, 2022

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