Toledo Council Resolves to Abolish Corporate Personhood

For Immediate Release:

November 17, 2020.

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Toledo Council Resolves to Abolish Corporate Personhood

The text of the resolution is HERE 

On Tuesday afternoon Nov 17th, Toledo City Council adopted, by a wide margin, a comprehensive resolution to denounce Corporate personhood and declare that money is not the same a speech.  It is Resolution R 446. The Resolution R 449-20 was brought forth by Council members Komives, McPherson and Whitman.

The most salient part of the Resolution is: Therefore be it resolved that Toledo City Council hereby calls on our Ohio legislators, elected officials, and commissioners, etc. to join the tens of thousands of citizens, grassroots organizations and local governments across the country in the Move to Amend campaign to call for an Amendment to the Constitution to Abolish Corporate Personhood and the doctrine of Money as Speech and return our democracy, our elections, our communities to America’s human persons and to thus claim our sovereign right to self-governance.

Today, here in Toledo, we recognize one more major US City has adopted the Resolution (446-20) as a motion to Amend the US constitution to abolish Corporate Personhood and assure that money is not to function as free speech.

The timing of this resolution is appropriate this year 2020, in view of the allegations of four Toledo councilmembers who allegedly directly influence votes with payments, and in view of the State of Ohio Legislator being influenced with $61 million to influence the energy Bill 6. 

Last month, October 20, City Council heard testimony during democracy Day 2020 on the subject of Corporate personhood. Democracy Day is an annual event hosted by Toledo Move to Amend and Our Revolution in Northwest Ohio.   There were twelve presenters on the topic of Corporate Personhood and Money is not free speech. Many speakers supported Senator Teresa Fedor Cosponsored Senate bill 221.

Toledo Move to Amend is the group that was behind the 2016 decision by nearly 64% of Toledo’s citizens voted YES on ISSUE 1 in support of a constitutional amendment to abolish corporate constitutional rights and money as speech. As a result of this vote, Toledo City Council is required to hold public hearings each year on the corrupting influence of moneyed interests in politics.

Contact Dennis Slotnick, Secretary Toledo Move to Amend

Email: [email protected]   phone 419-704-1863.


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