ONLINE: Corporate Attacks on Working People & our Communities


Working people and those on front line communities are increasingly under assault by corporations. Hear from two labor leaders who work locally and regionally about their work to educate and organize for justice, including resisting the harms caused directly by corporations. We'll also discuss how Move to Amend can act in solidarity with working people and on the front lines as we work to abolish corporate constitutional rights and create real democracy.


Afifa Khaliq

Program Director, SEIU in Florida
Strategic thinker, communicator, collaborator and program developer who provides social development solutions. Afifa has worked on racial injustices, women empowerment, challenging the socio-economic norms that maintain the status quo that perpetuates injustices. Her development project on women rights won international recognition. She's part of a creative core team that is setting new trends and redefining labor, politics, economy and social justice. Afifa is also the board chair of Florida Immigrant Coalition and Emgage Florida (a Muslim civic rights group). She is a founding member and secretary of the South Florida Muslim Federation. She is an unapologetic and proud Muslim, married, blessed with a son and lives in West Palm Beach.

Mark Milko

Executive Board of the Tri County Council and Executive Board Member for the Chicago and Midwest Regional Joint Board of Workers United
Area Director for Workers United and President of Local 10 in Cleveland
Chair for the Northshore Federation of Labor
Vice President for the United Labor Agency (non-profit) in Cleveland

August 19, 2020 at 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Milly Harmon

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