OHIO: Letter to the Editor: Urges participation in Democracy Day

Kent Ravenna Record-Courier
October 4, 2020


Our election system is broken because of the destructive influences of money in politics and the misguided notion that corporations may claim constitutional rights. With these rights they are able to spend tremendous amounts of “dark” money through organizations and PACS to support the candidates who will serve their needs. And their primary need is profit. While profits are essential in a capitalist system the needs of “we the people” should be primary since we are also a democracy.

Some of the protest signs I have carried and seen in our demonstrations can give you an idea of what the Democracy Day public hearing is all about: “Legalize Democracy,” “Free the people from corporate rule," “Get the big $$$ out of politics," "We the people, not we the corporation" and “Democracy 4 U and me." 

The people of Kent approved a ballot initiative five years ago for the city council to hold Democracy Day every election year. The purpose of this forum is for the people to project their views related to the proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution. This would remove personhood from corporations and eliminate the notion that money is a form of speech.  

Kent City Council will hold a virtual online version of its Democracy Day forum this year on Oct. 7 at 6 p.m.. It will be broadcast live on the City of Kent’s YouTube Channel. A link to view this meeting can be found on the City of Kent’s calendar located at www.kentohio.org. Any person interested in being heard on the subject matter shall be afforded the opportunity at the time and place set forth above. Plan to present a 3-5 minute talk. Please contact Amy Wilkens, clerk of council, if you wish to participate in this public hearing by calling 330-676-7555 or by emailing [email protected].

If you want to discuss your Move to Amend topic or issue in preparation for your 3-5 minute talk, contact me at [email protected].  

Bill Wilen, Kent