Getting Politics to Serve "We the People"

Wednesday, October 12 | 7 pm CT

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Greg Coleridge
National Move to Amend

Marg Dwyer
Vice Chair, SE Iowa Sierra Club

Patrick Bosold
Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors

The volume of money spent in elections by wealthy individuals and corporate entities on both sides of the aisle is enormous. It drowns out and dilutes individual voices. As a result, “the many” – those of us who don’t make large political contributions or lobby elected officials –  are often not heard. Meanwhile, the “big bucks voices” support policies and programs that steer massive funding and tax breaks in their direction. Regulations originally designed to protect people and communities are often weakened or eliminated through their influence, and to their benefit. Even Supreme Court decisions have made it increasingly difficult for our democracy to work as we have come to think it should.

Join us as we:

Summarize the problems: How does the corrupting influence of big money in politics, corporate constitutional rights, and “corporate personhood” affect our lives, communities, environment and democracy? 

Hear from local advocacy groups: What is the impact of corporate overreach on their current work and future plans?

Discuss and strategize: Are there practical, effective ways to promote real democracy in Fairfield and Iowa? Let’s explore the We the People Amendment, sponsored by Move to Amend.

Sponsored by Move to Amend and Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors

October 12, 2022 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
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