Democracy Day Is Jan. 28 In Cleveland Heights

The annual meeting gives residents a chance to voice their opinion on money in politics and other pressing issues.

Chris Mosby, Patch Staff  |  Posted Fri, Jan 22, 2021

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH — Democracy Day will be held Jan. 28 in Cleveland Heights, the city announced.

Eight years ago, voters in Cleveland Heights passed Issue 32, which declared support for a 28th Constitutional Amendment, which would say corporate entities are not people and do not have Constitutional rights. The passed legislation also said money does not qualify as speech and money spent on elections should be regulated.

In addition to the call for a 28th Amendment, Issue 32 established annual public hearings to discuss the impact of money in politics. Participating speakers will be given 5 minutes to speak. Cleveland Heights City Council will then send letters to U.S. congresspersons summarizing the hearing and calling for their support for the 28th amendment.

This year's meeting will be held virtually. To participate in the meeting, visit the city's event website. Anyone intending to speak must use the Webex link.

For those only interested in watching the meeting, there will be a YouTube livestream, or you can call 1-415-655-0001, and use access code: 178 119 6493.

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