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We, the people of the Interfaith Caucus of Move to Amend as members of religious and ethical communities, share in common a variety of values and principles.  In that unity of principles, we find that the myopic and single-minded drive for profits by certain corporations has led to the degradation of the environment and our society.  Corporate power has come to dominate our existence. Values and principles we all hold dear are being violated daily by the actions of corporations that wield their so-called personhood to influence elections, legislation, regulations, and judicial outcomes in their favor.  It is time to create a real democracy of, by and for “We the People”.

It is the purpose of the MTA Interfaith Caucus to work together at national, state, local, and faith community levels to pass an amendment to the U.S. Constitution affirming that only human beings, not corporations have constitutional rights and that money is not the equivalent of political speech. We are seeking to bring to our nation a democracy where all natural people, regardless of race, gender, religion, economic condition, ethnic background, political persuasion, or sexual orientation can participate meaningfully in a just society.  We believe that people of faith and conscience have a distinct role to play in this endeavor to amend the United States Constitution as an expression of our convictions and we are joining hands to face down the inhumanity of corporate rule.

- Move to Amend Interfaith Caucus Mission Statement  - Read the full introduction to the Interfaith Caucus here.

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Intro video of Interfaith Caucus by Michael Greenman

Talking Points for Faith Communities and Ethical Convictions

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Resolutions by communities of faith and ethical convictions supporting We the People Amendment Wording

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Move to Amend Interfaith Caucus Brochure

Strategic Plan for the Move to Amend Interfaith Caucus

Resources for Passing Resolutions

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Unitarian Universalist Statement of Conscience--Our Democracy Uncorrupted (with MTA-related items highlighted)

Interview of Michael Greenman on "We the People," KSKQ, Ashland, Oregon on September 4, 2018


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