Building a Democracy Movement in Greater Fairfield (Iowa)

Virtual Presentation, Discussion & Actions



Greg Coleridge, National Move to Amend

Marg Dwyer, Vice Chair, SE Iowa Sierra Club

Patrick Bosold, Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors

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The power of people to decide the direction of our lives, neighborhoods, communities and beyond are increasingly threatened by the immense power of the super rich and corporations. Political “leaders,” regulatory agencies, and courts are less accountable to We the People – failing to adequately respond to the growing problems of health care, housing, income, debt, nutrition and environmental destruction.

Yet, these growing problems provide growing opportunities for us to step up and come together to build an inclusive, nonviolent and powerful democracy movement with the bold vision and plan that expands justice in all its forms, peace and the reality of a livable world. Systemic problems require systemic solutions.

Join us as we:

Widen and deepen awareness of the origins of corporate constitutional rights/”corporate personhood,” big money in elections and the We the People Amendment, sponsored by Move to Amend

Hear from local group representatives about their current work and future plans

Discuss and strategize ways to work more closely together to expand people power in Greater Fairfield in the immediate and long term.

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A Movement Education & Empowerment Talk & Discussion

Sponsored by Move to Amend & Jefferson County Farmers & Neighbors

August 18, 2022 at 7:00pm - 8:30pm
Jewel McDonald Patrick Bosold Anne Walton Margaret Dwyer Greg Coleridge

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