What we’ve accomplished…because of you!

We are under no illusions. Amending the U.S. Constitution is enormously challenging. 

It’s only been done 27 times before, including the first 10 (the Bill of Rights) all at once. It’s perceived as not as important or urgent as working on (insert here scores of options). 

The reality is a large majority of our current problems and crises will not be fundamentally solved simply by having better elected officials passing better laws, enacting better regulations or making better executive decisions. Not when the foundational rules of our society (which our constitution defines) favor corporate rights over human rights and permit the political voices of those with money to drown out the voices of most of us. 

That's why changing/amending the U.S. Constitution is inescapable. We must democratize our ground rules. U.S history shows that fundamental constitutional change only happens alongside fundamental cultural change – that is, educating and organizing to challenge both the credibility and inevitability of the status quo, as well as the necessity to form a broad grassroots movement for structural change – to make what seems impossible to be accepted as necessary and inevitable. 

Here’s a sampling of what we’ve accomplished together this year and cumulatively at the end of 2022 toward these ends:

  • House of Representative supporters of HJR 48, the We the People Amendment: 95 - our most ever! 
  • Updated signers of our national Motion to Amend petition: 491,000, organizational endorsements: 729, and states and municipalities that have passed municipal resolutions or ballot initiatives declaring opposition to money defined as free speech and that a corporation is not a person: 707
  • Production of new 4-minute video narrated by legendary Peter Coyote
  • Publication of educational articles – one of which was extensively commented on by Russell Brand on his YouTube channel that received more than 1.5 million views.
  • Sponsored educational and training programs organized on corporate rule, money in politics and movement building – including 12th Anniversary of Citizens United, Where We Go from Here?; how to lobby and Pledge to Amend trainings, and What do the midterms mean for Move to Amend?
  • Presentations made at annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, National Lawyers Guild annual conference, National Community Rights Network and the Grassroots Emergency Election and Climate Protection Coalition
  • Local educational and action programs sponsored by affiliates across the country from California to Ohio and Florida and Texas to Minnesota and Alaska
  • Co-sponsored A Radical Gathering in late June with Alliance for Just Money, A Radical Guide, and People's Collective for Justice and Liberation - a 3 day gathering featuring speakers representing 29 national, state and local organizations. 

See full list of our external and internal accomplishments HERE

None - as in zero – of this would have been possible without your support: your time, energy and/or financial contributions.

We are largely dependent in every way on people like you helping us do and fund this critical constitutional and cultural work.

Please contribute to our match fund of $48,000. Every dollar you contribute (be it one time or, even better, to become a monthly donor) will be matched up to that amount through December 31.


Move to Amend takes no corporate contributions or government grants, and we don't get funding from political parties or political action committees! We are largely supported by real people who are passionate about defending our democracy from big money and big corporations -- just like YOU.

Help Jointly Raise $48,000 so we can continue to promote H.J.R. 48 in the next Congress beginning next month!


Thank you for understanding and supporting the need to work for fundamental democratic change, which will make it so much easier to achieve the political, social, economic and ecological changes that are so needed. 

Seasons Greetings to you and yours!

George, Leila, Daniel, Saleem, Jessica, Joni, Keyan, Alfonso, Jason, Tara, Michael, Margaret, Dolores, Pattie, Jennie, Shelly & Greg

- MTA National Team

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