WE are the people who ought to govern the country

John Jay, the First Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, was born on this day in 1745.

Tensions have always existed in this country between most of the richest and privileged individuals (the John Jays of every era) and people of all races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, physical abilities and incomes who have strived to ensure that every person has a legitimate voice in decisions shaping their lives, communities and beyond.

“Democracy” to the most powerful has always been inclusive (as in including them) and exclusive (as in excluding everyone else). The Trilateral Commission, composed of those who agreed with John Jay from several countries, defined the “crisis in democracy” in their initial 1968 report as too much participation of the masses of people.

Laws, regulations, executive orders and Constitutional decisions have been the go-to strategies to empower the few and disempower the majority. This includes multiple constitutional decisions declaring and affirming that a corporation is a person and political money spent in elections is free speech.

Yet, our past and present is testament to people coming together in powerful movements for justice in all its forms – using nonviolent tactics of voting, lobbying, speaking, leafleting, picketing, petitioning, marching, writing, rallying, vigiling, boycotting, striking, fasting, blockading, occupying, disrupting and organizing in so many other ways  – engaging in what the late civil rights leader and Congressperson John Lewis called “good trouble.”

Move to Amend has been uncompromising in its principles of inclusion, diversity and dignity. Our commitment to ending all forms of corporate constitutional rights and the corruption of big money in elections - by enacting HJR48, the We the People Amendment – has only deepened as the real crisis of democracy expands. That crisis is the decline of our voice and power in making decisions affecting our lives. This has resulted in the decay of the trust in and abilities of government and those we elect to meet our basic and pressing human and environmental needs -- due in large part from their capture by corporations and multimillionaires and billionaires.

Our continued focus on ending corporate rule and big money in elections is directly related to the contributions of people like you - your time, talents and, yes, some of your “treasures.” 

Please contribute to our match fund of $48,000. Every dollar you contribute will be matched up to that amount through December 31.


It will allow our small staff to continue making big contributions in working with grassroots supporters like you and allied organizations all across the country.

Help Jointly Raise $48,000 so we can continue to promote H.J.R. 48 in the next Congress beginning next month!

We are the ones in our country who ought to govern it – be it directly or through and those we elect who truly represent us.

Thank you for your support!


Dolores, Alfonso, Tara, Shelly, George, Leila, Daniel, Saleem, Margaret, Michael, Jessica, Jennie, Joni, Jason & Greg

- Move to Amend National Team