We answer to & depend on YOU - NOT the superrich, huge foundations or corporations

Move to Amendment’s Statement of Values has included since our founding in 2010, “political and economic independence.” Specifically, we’re committed to raising a majority of our modest budget from individuals with the rest from small (often family) foundations. 

Maintaining political and economic independence allows us to educate, advocate and organize disconnected from partisan politics or the quid pro quos, influences, compromises or co-optations linked to corporate, political, big foundational or super wealthy funders – or their respective front groups.

Being economically independent from the centralized sources of economic wealth means one stark reality:

We are absolutely accountable to and dependent on our supporters like you, Greg, to provide us with the time, skills and basic funding we need to continue. 

We're still over $10,000 short of our end-of-year goal of raising $48,000. Every dollar you contribute will be matched up to that amount through midnight.

Our funding model is almost unheard of today as virtually every national non-profit organization relies on the bulk of their funding from the above mentioned powerful entities – with all the direct or implied messages to focus on “winnable victories" that may achieve important reforms, but are nowhere near what is urgently needed in response to the increasing democracy crisis. Required is decentralizing political and economic power.

This includes ending corporate rule and political inequality by enacting the We the People Amendment (HJR48) to the U.S. Constitution.– which are essential to advance justice in all its forms, peace and a livable world.

Systemic problems require systemic solutions that must be proportionate in scale. 

Whatever extent you feel our work is essential and can financially afford in these economically challenging times is the amount we, respectfully and appreciatively, ask you to invest in our work to abolish the corrupting influence of big money in elections and to affirm human rights over corporate rights. 

Any amount contributed (one time or even better, monthly) will be matched 1 to 1. 

Help Jointly Raise $48,000 so we can continue to promote H.J.R. 48 in the next Congress to legalize democracy! 

Thank you for doing your part to help us work systemically -  independent from centralized power and accountable to the grassroots. 


Alfonso, Pattie, Jennie, Shelly, George, Leila, Daniel, Saleem, Jessica Joni, Keyan, Dolores, Jason, Tara, Michael, Margaret & Greg

- Move to Amend National Team