WATCH: Restoring the Money Power to the People

Did you miss the Restoring the Money Power to the People? Watch the recording here!

On Tuesday, May 24, 2022, we gathered to talk about how Private commercial banks are arguably the most powerful corporate sector in the US and globally today because they secured—first in 1694 England and in 1913 in the US—the legally sanctioned privilege to create, via interest-bearing loans, almost all of the means of payment denominated in the currency of our nation that the rest of us, and our governments, use to engage in any and all means of commerce. Though this system failed within 20 years in the US, legislation in the 1930s shored it up and it has more or less survived ever since, extracting more and more wealth from our planet and the 99% into the pockets of the 1% and financial corporations, even on shakier grounds ever since the 2007-08 financial crises.

This is why members of the Alliance For Just Money (AFJM) believe that changing our money system is necessary to change our world, and that Just Money reform is in concert with Move to Amend’s We the People Amendment. AFJM’s Mission is to research, educate, and organize to pass legislation that makes our money a sovereign liquid asset of the people whose name it bears, whose commerce it circulates, and whose public good and democratic practice it exists to serve now and in perpetuity.

Hear the presentation and join the discussion about the nature of our existing money and banking system and how to correct its flaws to achieve the justice, sustainability and democracy that MTA and AFJM espouse and that our children and grandchildren demand of us now to ensure a livable world.

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