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At Move to Amend, we firmly believe in the importance of recognizing the intersections between corporate personhood and other systems of oppression. Today, we want to shed light on an important intersection that deserves our attention: the connection between trans rights and the concept of corporate personhood.

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Trans rights encompass the fight for dignity, acceptance, and equal treatment for transgender individuals and communities. It is a cause that resonates deeply with us, as we advocate for a society that upholds the rights and well-being of all its members, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Recently, there has been an uptick in anti-trans and anti-LGBT+ rhetoric, legislation, and threats to culture, that cannot go ignored. These are specific attacks that “other” the LGBT+ community in an attempt to use hatred to gain political leverage. Whenever political leverage is involved, we can be sure that corporate personhood has exasperated inequality. 

Corporate personhood refers to the legal concept that grants inalienable constitutional rights to corporations, treating them as individuals in the eyes of the law. While this legal framework was established with a different purpose in mind, it has had unintended consequences, including potential impacts on marginalized communities such as the transgender population.

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One consequence of corporate personhood is the potential for corporations to use their legal status to wield influence over political and social issues. This influence can be detrimental to the progress of trans rights and other marginalized communities, as seen with medical attacks against hormone replacement therapy, “anti drag” bills, and more. An example of this is legislation currently being pushed that would make it illegal for healthcare providers to provide gender affirming care to minors. This care has been proven to reduce suicidality rates among trans youth by 73%. 

This has come in a wave of proposed legislation where “Across the US, lawmakers are moving ahead with bills to repeal nondiscrimination protections, legalize conversion therapy, exclude transgender kids from athletics, and bar transgender kids from bathrooms and locker rooms.” states the Human Rights Watch. The criminalization of trans people, which feeds into the private prison industrial complex and corporate profits, must stop. 

United States Map

  • State has "shield" law protecting access to transgender health care (see this map for more information) (11 states + D.C.)
  • State bans best practice medication and surgical care for transgender youth (19 states)
  • State bans best practice surgical care for transgender youth (1 state)
  • State does not ban best practice medical care for transgender youth (30 states , 5 territories + D.C.)
  • State ban makes it a felony crime to provide best practice medical care for transgender youth (5 states)
  • State has taken steps to ban or restrict best practice medical care for transgender youth, but state law does not ban this care (see note) (0 states)
source: MAP (Movement Advancement Project)

By advocating for reforms that address corporate personhood, we strive to create a more equitable society where the voices of individuals, including transgender individuals, hold greater weight than corporate interests. Especially during Pride Month, we see corporations using rainbow logos, yet supporting these laws behind closed doors. 

We understand that the fight for trans rights is multifaceted and requires concerted efforts on various fronts. Addressing the implications of corporate personhood is just one aspect of this broader struggle. By advocating for reforms that challenge the legal status of corporations, we aim to restore power to the people and ensure that the rights and experiences of transgender individuals are protected and celebrated.

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