Tax Day sucks, unless you're a corporation...

Tomorrow is the deadline for filing 2020 taxes in the United States.

And it's a great day to remember that individual taxpayers will be footing about 50% of the annual federal income, while corporations will only be contributing about 7% (despite so many making unprecedented profits during a year that was financially devastating to so many us). Help us grow the movement to topple corporate rule at its root by sharing the Move to Amend petition with your friends, family and social media today!

We often think of Amazon, Google and Wal-Mart when we discuss the heavily-subsidized corporations that get away with paying nothing toward the society and infrastructure that allows them to do business. But that's just the tip of the iceberg:

The corporate tax rate is *supposed* to be 21%. But some are getting away with a NEGATIVE tax rate of up to 22%. How is this possible??!! Well, when their own lobbyists are helping to write the legislation because they have the majority of Congress in their pockets, huge loopholes will "magically" appear in the policy that is intended to hold them accountable.

The only way we can truly wrest power back from corporate ownership and exploitation of our government resources is by abolishing corporate constitutional rights -- including their First Amendment "right" to essentially handpick our representatives in Congress to do their bidding.

Thank you for all you do to support this work.

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