Taking Advantage of an Election Year Webinar (Oct 2011)

We'll cover ways to use local and state elections as way to get Move to Amend in front of voters, the media and candidates running for office in your community.


  • Quick Review: Starting a MTA Group
  • Rules for MTA Affiliates
  • Bird Dogging Candidates
  • Illustrating the Problems & Connecting Our Systemic Solution
  • Q & A
  • Next Steps

About MTA's Monthly Take Action Webinars

First Tuesday of every month
5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

These online trainings are an opportunity for folks to connect with Move to Amend and learn about organizing tools and campaign opportunities, and to connect with other MTA community organizers across the country.

To register for upcoming webinars, visit us at: https://movetoamend.org/webinars
All are welcome - no past experience required! :)

(Due to outdated third-party technology made prior to June 2013, there's nothing we can do about the audio quality. All of our latest webinars are recorded with newer technology that provides better quality.)

*Download webinar slides (pdf)