Training: Submitting a letter or editorial on Citizen United anniversary

"Power of the Pen" / “Use the Keyboard as a Sword!”

Thursday, January 4, 2024, 5pm PT/ 8pm ET (1 hour)

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January 21 is the 14th Anniversary of Citizens United vs FEC. The controversial 2010 Supreme Court decision triggered the explosion of political money spent (or "invested") in elections from the super rich and corporate entities. It also sparked the launch of Move to Amend.

Kick off the New Year by taking action for real democracy. Submit a letter or op-ed to your local print/electronic media!

Presented at the training will be:

√ Talking points and samples of letters to the editor and editorials to send to your local press

√ Instructions on researching your local press for submission guidelines

√ UNDERLINING/HIGHLIGHTING/STRESSING the facts that the constitutional doctrines that political money defined as free speech and corporate constitutional rights existed long before Citizens United and that simply overturning the decision, as important as that is, WILL NOT end the corruption of big money in elections or the power of corporations to influence public policies locally, state-wide or federally. This is what makes Move to Amend and the We the People Amendment a more fundamental solution toward authentic democracy than just overturning Citizens United. And why it’s critical that we widely educate. 

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Join us to take action in publicly calling to end Citizens United, money as speech AND corporate constitutional rights and to start having real people power to create economic, social, political and environmental justice for all!

January 04, 2024 at 5:00pm - 6pm
Greg Coleridge ·

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