Spring Fundraising Drive Kicks Off Today! All Donations Matched this Week!

We have GREAT news to kick off our Spring fundraiser -- the #WeThePeopleAmendment (HJR48) is *officially* introduced into the 117th Congress by Rep. Pramila Jayapal with 55 cosponsors -- check it out on Congress.gov!!

If you make a donation to Move to Amend this week, May 24th-May 28th, thanks to generous supporters like yourself, your donation will be matched UP TO $10,000!



The Movement to Amend is led by hundreds of thousands of individuals just like you who contribute on all fronts -- from lobby work to solidarity organizing, to collecting petition signatures and ongoing political education...You are this movement, thank you.

It also takes ALL of us to make sure that this grassroots movement continues to have the resources and staffing needed to support a nationwide effort to pass the #WethePeopleAmendment. Will you help?

Donate this week to have your financial contribution DOUBLED!

But wait…. There's more!

To kick-off and close our Fundraising Match Drive we are hosting two Livestream events from all of our social media platforms (Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter). Join our National Team and grassroots leaders from across the country to discuss why we Move to Amend, and the many ways you can too! We will also have art and prizes, don’t miss out.

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A huge thank you to the financial contributions of a handful of our Affiliate leaders and advocates who pledged to match your contribution this week.