Affiliate Spotlight - June 2024

June 2024 Affiliate Spotlight 

This month, we shine a light on the dedicated efforts of our Greater Dayton and Miami County volunteers, who have been making significant strides in advocating for the We the People Amendment. From impactful city council statements to rallies and educational initiatives, their grassroots activism is truly inspiring. We also honor the memory of Gordon Miller, a tireless advocate whose legacy continues to motivate us. Read more about their incredible work and Gordon's lasting impact. 

This month, we’re thrilled to spotlight the incredible work of our volunteers in Greater Dayton and Miami County. Their dedication and resilience inspire us all, demonstrating the power of grassroots activism in driving meaningful change.

Greater Dayton Move to Amend

After a brief hiatus due to a core team member’s recovery from back surgery, the Greater Dayton Move to Amend team held a social meeting on May 24 to reconnect and plan upcoming summer events. This gathering re-energized the group, setting the stage for an impactful season of activism.

Move to Amend Miami County

The Miami County team has been busy throughout May with a series of impactful actions:

  • May 6: Heather Sturgill addressed the Troy City Council, marking the anniversary of the Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad case.
  • May 10: Team members, joined by Bill Davis from Greater Dayton, held a rally in Troy to commemorate the anniversary.
  • May 11: Sarah Wittman and Bill collected signatures against gerrymandering in Piqua.
  • May 20: Deb Hogshead spoke at the Troy City Council, linking corporate power to the lack of strong plastic bag bans in Ohio.
  • May 29: Heather and Deb, accompanied by Jean Burdeshaw of Greater Dayton, attended a press conference at the Ohio Statehouse calling for the dissolution of FirstEnergy Corporation due to its involvement in Ohio’s largest public corruption scandal.

Heather and Deb are also planning a Constitution Day program on voting for area high school students, highlighting their commitment to education and civic engagement.

MTA Ohio's Fight Against FirstEnergy Corporation

In a significant push for corporate accountability, MTA Ohio has been instrumental in organizing actions to revoke the charter of FirstEnergy Corporation. The company admitted to paying over $60 million in bribes to secure a $1 billion taxpayer-funded bailout. Our coalition is urging Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost to dissolve FirstEnergy, underscoring the importance of holding corporations accountable for their actions. Read more about this action in WOSU's detailed report.

Karen Kasler/Statehouse News Bureau

In Loving Memory of Gordon Miller

We also take a moment to honor the memory of Gordon Miller, a tireless and generous Move to Amend advocate. Gordon’s profound understanding of power dynamics and his unwavering dedication to social and environmental justice left a lasting impact on all who knew him. His brilliant insights, sense of humor, and passion for democracy continue to inspire us.

Gordon was known for his powerful and eloquent advocacy, often signing off with his signature phrase, "I yield the floor.” He was deeply involved with Move to Amend, believing fervently in the We the People Amendment as a means to overturn Citizens United and end corporate constitutional rights. His activism extended to numerous organizations, and he was a beloved community organizer.

Gordon’s legacy of fighting for justice and democracy lives on in our hearts and actions. We will continue to draw inspiration from his remarkable life and work.

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