Seize the Solstice: Empower Systemic Change with H.J.R. 54!

Seize the Solstice: Empower Systemic Change with H.J.R. 54! 

As the Winter Solstice graces us with its presence, casting shadows that whisper tales of change and transformation, we find ourselves reflecting on the need for profound systemic shifts to usher in a brighter future. 

We're thrilled to share with you a recorded message from our esteemed friend and longtime supporter, Mark Charles, the insightful author of "Unsettling Truths: The Ongoing, Dehumanizing Legacy of the Doctrine of Discovery."

Mark's words, like the solstice itself, prompt us to consider the urgency of systemic change. In his thought-provoking book, he delves into the complexities of our history, challenging us to confront uncomfortable truths. It's a profound exploration that aligns with our mission at Move to Amend—to dismantle systems that perpetuate inequality and injustice.

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As we approach the midpoint of the 118th Congress session, we're thrilled to report that we have garnered 75 Congressional Cosponsors—three-quarters of the way to our 100-cosponsor goal!

Your support can help us surpass this milestone!

We invite you to participate in this transformative journey by supporting the work to pass H.J.R. 54, the We the People Amendment

In 2024, Move to Amend plans to expand our presence at in-person events and increase our visibility — but your contribution makes these initiatives possible!

If you are in a position to do so, please consider making a meaningful contribution to support the work to pass H.J.R. 54.

To sweeten the deal, all donations made during our End of Year Fundraising Drive -- whether one-time or monthly -- will be matched up to $25,000, thanks to a generous long-time donor!

Plus, for all new sustaining monthly donors of $50 or more, you'll be automatically entered into our thank you gift giveaway—a 7-day stay at a two-bedroom condo on Pensacola Beach, complete with a bonus Dolphin tour cruise!

Additionally, all new sustaining donations of $29 or more will receive a Move to Amend t-shirt and bumper sticker. It's our way of expressing gratitude for your commitment to transformative change.

Your support propels us forward in our mission for change. Let's make the Winter Solstice a turning point, a moment to collectively embrace the promise of a brighter future through systemic change.

Thank you for being a crucial part of our journey.

Happy Winter Solstice!

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